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Southern Stars Baseball Club

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The Baseball Club in Regents Park Where the Stars Shine

Regency Drv, Regents Park, QLD 4118

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About Us

  • Fun Baseball Club Activites for Members and Residents in Regents Park

  • Offers Competitive and Non-Competitive Baseball Club Events around Regents Park

  • Provides Training and Accreditation Courses

  • Practices Open Communication Through Community Involvement

Fun Baseball Club Activites for Members and Residents in Regents Park

Baseball has been a past-time enjoyed by thousands of Australians for decades, so it is no question that the Southern Stars Baseball Club was born in Regents Park to offer residents a chance to get into the dugout. Our Regents Park baseball club aims to become the number one family-friendly baseball club in the region. We have achieved this goal so far by having a varied and diverse roster of players and members. Since baseball is an inclusive sport we encourage  

Offers High-Quality Facilities at a Reasonable Cost

Our baseball club has achieved this goal so far by having a varied and diverse roster of players and members in Regents Park. Since baseball is an inclusive sport we actively encourage residents, their friends, and their family in Regents Park to participate in our baseball club activities. Additionally, we strive to become the best Regents Park baseball club which is both community-focused as well as competitively motivated. We believed that having a strong support system through residents of Regents Park. 

In addition, we strive to be as inclusive, open, and above all friendly, as these are the values we deeply cherish as a small baseball club in Regents Park. Our junior coaching groups in the baseball club are focused on making baseball a fun sport to play in Regents Park. We also measure our success by the number of smiles and how much fun the kids are having during training sessions and games while also showing great results on the field.

Our baseball club committee in Regents Park and grounds personnel are always constantly working hard to improve ground facilities regardless whether it is baseball season or not. This is a constant task which we undertake to maintain our baseball club facilities in Regents Park. As a baseball club, we provide Regents Park members with the opportunity for family fun nights and social club gatherings to give back to our members to help strengthen existing relationships as well as foster new ones. 

We hope that those who are visiting our baseball club in Regents Park, regardless whether you are a player, a spectator, or a fan take a bit of their time to respect the effort given by our Regents Park baseball club volunteers who helped make our club great.

If you have a burning question or inquiry about our Regents Park baseball club please do contact us. Our friendly Regents Park baseball club support team will be waiting for your call.  

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Southern Stars Baseball Club
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Servicing Suburbs

  • Does the Baseball Club have General Meetings for Regents Park members?

    Yes, the general meeting only happens once a year and are held usually at the end of the regular baseball season in a1001 which is in conjunction with the trophy presentation around April. It is also at this meeting that both the executive committee and general committee positions are declared vacant which is then followed by an election of new committee members. 

  • How Do You Become a Volunteer Umpire for the Baseball Club in Regents Park?

    Believe it or not but the Queensland Baseball Umpires Association are always looking for new umpires. An umpire is a very special person in the field who makes sure that the games are handled in a safe and fair manner for the players. In order to become an accredited umpire, you would need to take courses which are overseen and certified by the Queensland Baseball Umpires Association and the baseball club in Regents Park. For additional information please contact a baseball club executive committee member.

  • When Does a Baseball Season Starts or Ends?

    A baseball season in Regents Park for the baseball club commences in early October up until April. However, pre-season training sessions and registration starts in August to early September which you can refer to the Southern Stars Website for exact dates.

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