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Nerang Cardinals Baseball Club

Baseball Clubs - Nerang, QLD 4211

Topnotch Baseball Club in Nerang

ABN: 02 871 446 2924

75 Dugandan Street, Nerang, QLD 4211

  • awards Affordable Baseball Club Registration Fee for Nerang Players
  • awards Member Club of Gold Coast Baseball Association
  • awards Great Arena for Socials and Special Events
  • awards Fun-filled Baseball Club Activities in Nerang
  • awards Registered Baseball Club in Nerang
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About Us

  • Affiliated with Australian Baseball Federation

  • Remarkable Sports Arena in Nerang

  • Action-packed Baseball Matches

  • Highly-recognized Baseball Club in Nerang

  • Comprehensive Baseball Training Programs

  • Impressive Baseball Club Facilities

  • Get Started Voucher for Junior Players

Affiliated with Australian Baseball Federation

In a field of sport, it is a must to be with a family club. How satisfying it is to be a part of a community that nurtures you and teaches you your favoured sport at the same time. For baseball players, novice or experienced, Nerang Cardinals Baseball Club in Nerang is the most-preferred club. This baseball club promises a wide array of fun-filled activities and challenging baseball matches for Nerang players. It offers comprehensive baseball training and programs for different age levels. Truly, being part of this prominent baseball club in Nerang is life-changing.

Member Club of Gold Coast Baseball Association

Accessibly located in Nerang, Nerang Cardinals Baseball Club is a well-established organization. True to its aim of being a first-rate club and a superior training ground, Nerang Cardinals Baseball Club speaks highly of its team of experts in the field of baseball here in Nerang. Our baseball club offers wide-ranging baseball training and instructions for Nerang baseball enthusiasts. To boot, our baseball club has been producing exceptional match winners and medalists around Nerang. We are pleased to say that our Nerang baseball club is accredited with premier baseball associations such as Gold Coast Mariners Charter, Gold Coast Baseball Association, Baseball Queensland and Australian Baseball Federation.

Nerang Cardinals Baseball Club also takes pride in our quality baseball equipment and supplies for Nerang players. Moreover, our modern baseball club facilities ensure comfort and convenience for Nerang players and non-players alike. Likewise, the expansive baseball field is perfect for any exciting baseball match. Our baseball club also hosts socials and special events for Cardinals and their families here in Nerang.

Let our baseball club here in Nerang give you the chance of fulfilling your dreams. If you want to be a Cardinal, enlist through our online registration system. The process is just simple and stress-free. For Nerang players, just fill in the baseball club registration form, submit and pay online. Nerang Cardinals Baseball Club also offers cut downs such as the Get Started Vouchers for Nerang players. This offer is made possible by the Queensland Government. A $150 price off may be availed for junior registration fees per child. For detailed information, visit the Cardinals baseball club here in Nerang or you can also call us at 0419 765 993.

Nerang Baseball Club
Nerang Cardinals Baseball Club
0419 765 993 Nerang

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Servicing Suburbs

  • How can one register as member of your Nerang baseball club?

    If you want to become a part of the Cardinals family here in Nerang, simply complete our online baseball club registration form. Fill up the form, submit and pay online. The registration process is simple and uncomplicated.

  • How much do you charge for registration?

    Our registration fee varies depending on the training level to be availed. All our programs and fees are affordable. Also, we have a Get Started voucher where juniors get to have a $150 price off on their registration.

  • How can our child avail of the Get Started Voucher Program?

    Our Get Started Voucher Program available for juniors is made possible by the Queensland Government. This baseball club program is offered to assist Nerang families in their financial constraints. However, the vouchers are limited, hence, you must get in touch with us soon. Call us at 0419 765 993 for requisites and further information.

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