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About Us

  • 100% Fully Certified Nerang Massage Therapy

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Do you have any problems with your back recently? You definitely need to see someone skilled in Massage Therapy in Nerang to get you relief from your back pain. It is important you get Massage Therapy in Nerang because they will be able to tell you what is happening to your body as well. Don’t let the pain beat you, get it healed by hands that have been trained to make you feel better!

100% Fully Certified Nerang Massage Therapy

Do you have problems with your back and need it looked at? If you are looking for someone to help relieve the pain and get you back in the game, you definitely need to see someone skilled in rehabilitation and sports/remedial massage therapy. We are situated in Nerang inside the Goodlife Health Club. Come and see us to find out ways we can help you get relief from your back, neck, shoulder or any other pain you may be experiencing. It is important you get treatment right away after injury to get the best results and to lessen the likelihood of long term issues of chronicity and re-injury. So if you live around Nerang, drop by for a consultation and I can tell you what is needed for recovery. Don’t let the pain beat you, get it seen to now. There is nothing like a massage that can relax and soothe muscle spasms and irritability, to break the pain cycle and to be healed by hands that have been trained to make you feel better!

Best in Nerang Massage Therapy

Have you been so sunk in work that you need to refresh and rejuvenate your body? All you need is the expert in Massage Therapy in Nerang to assist you in getting back your old, energetic self. May it be back or neck and shoulder pain trust that Cheryl is the expert in Nerang Massage Therapy and will be able to get it fixed for you. When it comes to being skilled in Nerang Massage Therapy only one name is trusted and that’s Myotherapy & Massage, the leader when it comes to the best Massage Therapy in Nerang.
Cheryl is a massage therapist and a myotherapist which is the highest qualification you can get.
Some pain needs more than massage alone, so get assessed properly to see what the root of your pain is.

Have you been experiencing headaches recently? Some headaches need to be healed by the hands – and that is where choosing the right therapy comes in. So if you live in Nerang, Massage Therapy treatment for tension headaches or migraine headaches by a professional, can reduce frequency and intensity of migraines and completely eradicate tension headache.
As to those with specific sports injuries coming from any type of sport, you can also entrust getting back into shape with professional Sports Massage Therapy. We are situated inside Goodlife health Club in Nerang and have had experience with lots of different sports enthusiasts and atheletes. Myotherapy & Massage is home to a lot of sports enthusiasts and athletes who trust that their capacity in Nerang Massage Therapy can help them gain back their confidence in their sports and themselves.

Myotherapy uses myotherapy and or remedial massage therapy. Treatments can range from:
Injury rehabilitation
Grade 1&2 mobilisations
Exercise therapy
Cognitive chronic pain treatment and lifestyle management.

In addition, we use risk management assessment and correctives based on the FMS and SFMA systems and clinical reasoning and testing. We also incorporate dry needling, myofascial cupping, Tens machine, cryotherapy, and more in treatments to help relieve pain and stress.

If you are experiencing occupational injuries, especially in elbows and hands, and the back, neck and shoulders or even at front of thighs and sciatica when doing your work, the right set of people who know about how to relieve these type of overuse injuries, can really make a difference to the pain you are experiencing. Why suffer, you don't have to. Come seek treatment, if you are near Nerang Massage Therapy or Myotherapy will be able to help you. You only have to trust experienced experts at Myotherapy and Massage at Nerang Massage Therapy may be all you need because they have been taught the difference between what works and what doesn't and are attuned to know where the right points to touch are to start the healing process. These experts on Myotherapy and Massage Therapy in Nerang are certified with varied experience. They will loosen tight muscles and joints, trigger point your hypertensive tight bands of muscle and release fascial tightness. Cheryl has had extensive training and experience and has been taught and mentored by leaders in the industry. At Myotherapy and Massage at Nerang, we understand what your body needs and how to heal it, thus with the right Nerang Massage Therapy expert, you can be assured that the healing process has begun.

For specific chronic issues like Tendinopathy and Fibromyalgia, Migraines etc Myotherapy, Massage Therapy in Nerang is the only and right choice if you are looking for a drug-free, surgery free option that is sustainable in the long term. Having the right evidence based holistic advice that looks into the body as a whole IS the way to go.
Making sure you call the experts on Massage Therapy in Nerang is not just getting massaged it is becoming in tune with your body and wellness and knowing the most current evidence based advice is at hand. Evidence suggests having a number of specialities at hand, to help resolve a problem is more successful than just one type of treatment. At Myotherapy and massage you have, a bit of exercise therapy, a bit of manual therapy, a bit of osteotherapy and cognitive therapy and a bit of relaxation therapy all rolled into one place. Book only the best in Massage Therapy, with someone with the knowledge to take you further if needed. If you are looking just for Massage Therapy in Nerang. Cheryl Eagle has had over 30 years experience. So start living a healthier life and get yourself back to where you want to be! Choose the expert, choose us.

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  • When is the best time to hire an expert on Massage Therapy in Nerang?

    Anytime! It is not only for those who are experiencing pain and others but also to detect anything if not yet found. By getting the services of experts in Massage Therapy in Nerang you are able to know the status of your own wellbeing and to get sound advice from the staff!

  • How do I best reach you?

    You can reach us anytime at 0433 174 258 where our staff of skilled in Nerang Massage Therapy is always open to any of your questions!

  • Are your people qualified in your field?

    Yes, we only allow those who have graduated in the field as well as those who are certified in Massage Therapy to work for us. We not only hire the best in Nerang Massage Therapy but we also make sure that they have the best working attitude and honestly care for their patients. Call today and experience the best!

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