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Sunshine Coast Badminton

Sunshine Coast Badminton

Badminton Court - Nambour, QLD 4560

Most Friendly Badminton Cub in Nambour

, Nambour, QLD 4560

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Friendlly Competition Badminton Club Nambour

Friendlly Competition Badminton Club

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Customer Oriented Service Nambour Badminton Court Nambour

Customer Oriented Service Nambour Badminton Court

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Nambour Sports Facilities

Sunshine Coast Badminton has been providing excellent and friendly badminton club in Nambour. The purpose of our badminton club in Nambour has been built to offer fantastic and superb facilities with newly surfaced courts. In our badminton club, we welcome players in Nambour of all skill levels & ages; hosting regular social sessions, competitions, tournaments & social events. If you haven't played badminton before come experience the fastest racquet Sport in our Nambour badminton club! Board members of our badminton club are always willing to assist you with your badminton needs, concerns & issues or take suggestions on your behalf to the monthly board meetings in Nambour.

Top Choice Badminton Club in Nambour

At Sunshine Coast Badminton of Nambour, our badminton club offers membership with great benefits. Our badminton club encourages all players in Nambour to become members of the club allowing you to contribute in a meaningful way to the operation of the badminton club and maintenance of its facilities. We also offer social play in our badminton club at Nambour where our social sessions are welcome to players of all levels, beginner to advanced. Players in our badminton club are expected to pay the court fee and sign the attendance register prior to commencing play in Nambour. The payment point of our badminton club is located at the entrance to the hall in a001a so you can really pay before you play. Payment may be made by players of our badminton club in Nambour using cash or EFTPOS. In our badminton club, we expect all players and visitors in Nambour to respect & abide the guidelines which we impose before playing or prior to entering the court. Our badminton club allows children but must be supervised and are the responsibility of their parent or accompanying adult at all times, both on and off the badminton court in Nambour.

For more details of Sunshine Coast Badminton in Nambour, call us now at (07) 5441 3735 and we are excited to play with you.

Nambour Badminton Club
Sunshine Coast Badminton
(07) 5441 3735 Nambour

Customer Oriented Service Nambour Badminton Court

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Servicing Suburbs

  • Is Badminton expensive?

    No, Badminton is not expensive. All you need is a racquet and some non-marking soled shoes and something to sweat in. Our badminton club in Nambour provides the membership with many benefits.

  • Do you need to be Super Fit to join your badminton club in Nambour?

    No, you can join the session in our badminton club at Nambour and the game that suits your level of fitness and skill. This means you can play at your own level and be comfortable or go for gold and take on the very best.

  • How to contact you?

    For more information about Sunshine Coast Badminton of Nambour and the different offers we have in our badminton club, Please call us directly on (07) 5441 3735 and we are just here waiting for you.

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