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Nambour Badminton Club

Badminton Court - Nambour, QLD 4560

The Most Preferred Badminton Court in Nambour

1 Coronation Avenue , Nambour, QLD 4560

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All About Us

  • The Best Badminton Club in Nambour

  • Friendly and Talented Badminton Players in Nambour

  • Exciting and Challenging Nambour Badminton Tournaments

The Best Badminton Club in Nambour

Have you been feeling a little bored lately? Too stressed out with work? Do you think that maybe there just isn’t enough things to do in Nambour? Be part of something that guarantees a fun and exciting experience when you join Nambour Badminton Club.

The Best Badminton Court in Nambour

All you have to do is get your badminton gears ready, head out to 1 Coronation Avenue, and join us as we play our way to a better and healthier version of ourselves. Nambour Badminton Club is among the most in-demand badminton courts not only in Nambour but also throughout the country.

Whether you are a dedicated fan of badminton or just starting out, we at Nambour Badminton Club will be pleased to have you join our awesome Nambour team. The trusted and friendly members of Nambour Badminton Club is committed to organising fun, challenging, and exciting events for all of our Nambour club members.

Nambour Badminton Club is an affiliate of the prestigious Sunshine Coast Badminton Association. By being a member of our Nambour Badminton Club, you will be entitled and encouraged to join various club events and badminton tournaments in and around Nambour that are sponsored by Sunshine Coast Badminton Association. In addition to badminton tournaments, Nambour Badminton Club also hosts gala events and holiday dinners for their beloved members around Nambour.

Bring your friends and family and let us enjoy the awesome experience brought by playing badminton when you join our friendly and dependable Nambour team. You may reach us on 07 5488 5575. Nambour Badminton Club can also be contacted by sending us an email or by visiting our website. We look forward to having you on our Nambour team!

Nambour Badminton Courts
Nambour Badminton Club
07 5488 5575 Nambour

Badminton Court Nambour Badminton Court

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  • How do we contact your Nambour Badminton Club office?

    There are a number of ways to reach us if you wish to join our Nambour badminton team. Our friendly customer service agents are ready to answer all your questions. Simply dial 07 5488 5575 on your phone and we will be more than pleased to assist you with your inquiries. We also encourage you to send us an email or visit our website for more information about our Nambour team.

  • Which tournament laws do you follow?

    All tournaments hosted by our Nambour Badminton Club follows the Laws of Badminton adopted by the Badminton World Federation and Queensland Badminton Association. You may find out more about our membership rules and regulations when you visit our website today.

  • What do I need to do to be part of the Nambour Badminton Club?

    Before you are allowed to join Nambour Badminton Club, you are expected to be a registered member of the Queensland Badminton Association or any other state association. Upon presentation of your proof of registration, you will be asked to fill out a registration form as well as be informed about the club membership fees. We look forward to having you on our Nambour team!

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