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Heritage Concrete Sleepers

Concrete Pre-Cast Panels Molds - Muniganeen, QLD 4352

Concrete Sleepers That Look Like Wood

100 Muniganeen Road, Muniganeen, QLD 4352

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About Us

  • Heritage Concrete Sleepers and Pre Cast Concrete Slabs

  • Environmentally Friendly Slabs, Pavers and Sleepers

  • Concrete Sleepers Installation Muniganeen

Heritage Concrete Sleepers and Pre Cast Concrete Slabs

Heritage Concrete Sleepers is the leading Muniganeen concrete sleepers provider. We guarantee quality sleepers in a price that will not break your bank. All our Muniganeen sleepers undergo series of quality check to make sure everything is professionally done. Also, our installation team are the most friendly and efficient people you'll com across with. We value customer satisfaction, and we continue to strive provide best customer experience.

Professionally Built Sleepers Muniganeen

If you choose us today, we guarantee:

- No Rusting
- No White Ants
- No Rotting
- Durable
- Strong
- Lifetime Product
- and Maintenance Free Sleepers.

Our Products and Services are as follows:

- Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls
- Interlocking Concrete Blocks
- Pre-cast Concrete Slabs and Pavers
- Garden Beds
- Concrete Garden Seats
- Car Stops

Quality is not only a guarantee, but a requirement. Call Heritage Concrete Sleepers for further details. Prices are posted at our website

Precast Concrete Slabs Muniganeen

Products and Services


Beams, Blocks, Car Stops, Retaining Walls, Sleepers, Slabs, Wall


Coloured, Decorative, Polished, Structural


Architectural, Commercial, Industrial, Residential


Servicing Suburbs


  • How long will the sleepers and pavers last?

    Wooden sleepers need to be replaced in 5 to 10 years. Our product lasts a lifetime. Why not pay the extra couple of dollars for the peace of mind that comes from knowing white ants and rot will never attack your wall. Also, our sleepers and pavers are completely fireproof. Your sleepers and pavers will never have to be replaced, just sit back and admire them.

  • What size are these sleepers?

    Our Standard Sleepers with a wood grain finish and coloured are 1750mm x 190mm x 60mm, while our Large Sleepers with a wood grain finish and coloured are 1750mm x 200mm x 75mm.

  • How heavy are these sleepers?

    Our Standard sleepers weigh about 50kg, the average man can lift them.

  • What about the upright posts?

    We can supply concrete posts for One- High up to Five -High installations. Any thing above the five-High you can use Universal H-Bean and C Channel Galvinised.

  • How difficult is installation?

    Our product is easy to install and is assembled without nuts, bolts or screws.

  • Do they really look like wood?

    You will have to see them for yourself to really appreciate them but our sleepers do feature the beauty and appeal of wood with the durability of concrete.

  • Won't the sun make them fade?

    Our sleepers and pavers are sealed in a concrete sealer.

  • What about painting?

    The colour is mixed in the concrete, not just painted on the surface. You'll never paint again.

  • How strong are they?

    All sleepers and retaining wall posts are reinforced with 12mm deformed rod, minimum 32mpa (Monofilament Polypropylene) Fibre Mesh Concrete Mix for added strength.

  • Are they environmentally friendly?

    Our sleepers are very friendly to the environment. Use our sleepers and let's leave the hardwood forests for the next generation to enjoy.

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