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Sunshine Coast Yacht Club Inc.

Yacht Clubs - Mooloolaba, QLD 4557

Highly Acclaimed Yacht Club in Mooloolaba

ABN: 66 038 978 838

33 Parkyn Pde, Mooloolaba, QLD 4557

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Exciting Yacht Club Events Around Mooloolaba

Do you want to enjoy your favourite sport while meeting new friends? Joining a sports club is definitely the answer. The fun is magnified when you are with colleagues who share the same passion. What is more, you get to hone your sports skills too. If you are into sailing and reside around Mooloolaba, it is vital that you become a part of a community-based yacht club, the Sunshine Coast Yacht Club Inc.

Mooloolaba Registered Yacht Club

Sunshine Coast Yacht Club Inc. has been the go-to yacht club of Mooloolaba sailors and sailing enthusiasts for 11 years now. Admirably located in Mooloolaba, our yacht club boasts of an awe-inspiring view. Moreover, the world-class location of our yacht club is close to beaches, shops and restaurants in Mooloolaba. Our yacht club has been providing our club members with scores of fun-filled events and sailing activities around Mooloolaba. To boot, our yacht club never fails to promote and support all aspects of boating in Mooloolaba.

Sunshine Coast Yacht Club Inc. is open to all boating enthusiasts of different levels. If you are just a beginner in the field of sailing, our Mooloolaba yacht club will teach you the basics skill in boating. We will further polish your competence through various fun sails. Meanwhile, for the seasoned sailors of our yacht club in Mooloolaba, they can maximize their boating skills and showcase their sailing expertise through our challenging sail races and vying boating competitions.

However, if you simply want to enjoy the day and commune with the blue water, our yacht club has exciting cruises and regattas for our Mooloolaba members. Enjoy the scenic views and feast on the scrumptious meals with other yacht club members around Mooloolaba while on board. Catch up with sailing buddies, bond with your loved ones, and meet new acquaintances while cruising.

Sunshine Coast Yacht Club Inc. never runs out of fantastic yacht club events in Mooloolaba. Rub elbows with co-sailors, Mooloolaba club members, and their families through our amazing yacht club socials. Our club members in Mooloolaba and guests are sure to experience comfort and convenience as Sunshine Coast Yacht Club Inc. is equipped with state-of-the-art yacht club facilities and amenities. Our bistro welcomes members and non-members. What is more, Sunshine Coast Yacht Club Inc. makes a great venue for special occasions and functions. We accept bookings for our picturesque function centre.

Experience the incomparable excitement and remarkable fun around Mooloolaba by being a part of our superb yacht club. Sail, gain friends and have fun with Sunshine Coast Yacht Club Inc. For membership registration, you can call our Mooloolaba yacht club at 0438 979 946.

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Sunshine Coast Yacht Club Inc.
0438 979 946 Mooloolaba

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Servicing Suburbs

  • Does your yacht club also offer job opportunities in Mooloolaba?

    Yes. Sunshine Coast Yacht Club Inc. accepts crew applications. If you are interested to apply, contact our yacht club in Mooloolaba or send an email to Send a brief description about yourself and your experiences.

  • Do you offer a short-term membership?

    Sunshine Coast Yacht Club Inc. offers a social membership for those who want to try what it feels like to be one of our members. This membership category provides three introductory sailing days. After which, you can upgrade your Mooloolaba yacht club membership to a full sailing membership by adding the required fee.

  • How can i register for a membership with Sunshine Coast Yacht Club Inc.?

    To become a part of our growing community, you can call Sunshine Coast Yacht Club Inc. at 0438 979 946. Get that ultimate yacht club experience around Mooloolaba by joining our admirable family.

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