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Mooloolaba Yacht Club Limited

Yacht Clubs - Mooloolaba, QLD 4557

Your Exclusive Mooloolaba Yacht Club

ABN: 52 010 100 580

PO Box 90, Mooloolaba, QLD 4557

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Mooloolaba Yacht Club Membership

Mooloolaba Yacht Club Limited is an exclusive Mooloolaba yacht club for the use and enjoyment of its yacht club members and guests in Mooloolaba.

Most Exciting Mooloolaba Yacht Club Membership Perks

Our exclusive yacht club in Mooloolaba enjoy a mild climate and protected waters ideal for the enjoyment of the sea in Mooloolaba. Our yacht club offer excellent restaurant and function facilities, along with fully licenced bar at the clubhouse, situated on the waterfront strip of Mooloolaba, moorings, and a hardstand area available at Point Peron.

At our yacht club in Mooloolaba, are dedicated to providing a friendly family atmosphere as well as providing a healthy competition for keel boat and dinghy sailors at all levels.

The mission of our yacht club is to promote and develop all aspects of yachting and aquatic pursuits in a friendly, social and responsible environment in Mooloolaba. We aim to be and to be recognised as an unrivalled yacht club attracting, encouraging and involving members in the enjoyment of yachting in Mooloolaba and other aquatic pursuits.

At Mooloolaba Yacht Club Limited, our yacht club offers a complete range of sailing, cruising, and social activities in Mooloolaba and exciting opportunities for all. Our yacht club offers membership where a lot of benefits awaits you. Here at Mooloolaba Yacht Club Limited of Mooloolaba, we can cater for your celebration, whatever the occasion is.

Sit back and enjoy the ambience of the gorgeous pinks and oranges of the sun setting over the ocean. Our yacht club in Mooloolaba really give your team a venue that’ll make them sit up and take notice. Our yacht club in Mooloolaba is the perfect centre for all functions and conferences. Whether it a very public party or a very private wedding in Mooloolaba.

Mooloolaba Yacht Club provides a friendly social environment by supporting and developing the social functions and events at the yacht club. At our yacht club in Mooloolaba, we assure to provide you with a safe and secure facility in Mooloolaba for the storing and maintaining of member’s vessels. Our yacht club also develops and implements a fully integrated race management system and support team.

For more information, please call us at 0413 227 013.

Mooloolaba Yacht Clubs
Mooloolaba Yacht Club
0413 227 013 Mooloolaba

Contact 0413 227 013 Mooloolaba Yacht Club

Products and Services


Yacht, Luxury Yacht


Club Racing, Parties, Functions


Licensed, Marina, Moorings

Hours of Operation

Open Monday - Friday, Open Weekends


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Servicing Suburbs

  • How do I get updated on the latest news and information from your yacht club in Mooloolaba?

    To get the latest updates from our yacht club in Mooloolaba, sign up to our newsletter, or follow our Facebook page. All can be found on our website indicated on this directory profile.

  • 2. How do I sign up for membership?

    You may visit our Mooloolaba yacht club website listed on this directory profile to learn more about our membership process and membership benefits.You may also call us at 0413 227 013 to enquire.

  • How much does your sailing cost?

    We charge $10 per person to go for a sail. This is a temporary membership payment. If you choose to join our yacht club in Mooloolaba as you intend racing regularly, then the $10 you paid (maximum of 3 sails) for the casual sail will be credited against the cost of your annual membership.

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