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Queensland Badminton Association

Queensland Badminton Association

Badminton Court - Milton, QLD 4064

Trusted Badminton Club in Milton

2.01/ 150 Caxton St

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Most Friendly Badminton Club Milton

Most Friendly Badminton Club

Top Choice Badminton Club Milton

Top Choice Badminton Club

Customer Oriented Service Milton Badminton Court Milton

Customer Oriented Service Milton Badminton Court

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About Us

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Milton Badminton Club and Tournament

Queensland Badminton Association was proudly established badminton club on January 14th, 1950 as the states governing body for badminton. Our badminton club is a not-for profit organization whose primary purpose is to conduct and develop badminton throughout Milton in partnership with its Member Associations. Currently, our badminton club has over 1250 members engaged in QBA activities such as school participation programs, tournaments, coaching clinics, and junior camps in Milton. The vision of our badminton club is to remain committed to the highest standards for the conduct and development of Queensland Badminton focusing on regional areas in Milton. In our badminton club, we are committed to the growth, participation and interest in Queensland Badminton through a range of strong participation and development programs in Milton.

Milton Customer Oriented Service

At Queensland Badminton Association of Milton, coaches of our badminton club experience increased satisfaction as they will possess the knowledge and ability to help youths achieve maximum potential. Elite junior athletes of our badminton club will feel increased self-confidence and achieve better results as they learn advanced skills and techniques in Milton. Our badminton club has highly trained coaches that will benefit all QBA junior members who participate in local club activities in Milton. Enhancing the skills of coaches and elite athletes of our badminton club will improve all members through local and state-wide tournaments, fixtures and social nights in Milton. Coaching clinics in Milton will increase the pool of qualified coaches of our badminton club thereby ensuring that all state and regional teams can improve. It is well noted that badminton club members in Milton take pride in seeing local athletes shine. Our badminton club of Milton desires to provide the opportunity for local badminton players and coaches to improve and excel at a national level. In doing so, our badminton club provides the means that allows the community to both identify and support their athletes in Milton. This will contribute to an enhanced collective image of our badminton club and a positive outlook for local citizens in Milton. In that sense, every community member has the opportunity to benefit from those athletes who represent their suburb, city and state.

For more information, please don't hesitate to call us on (07) 3162 1281.

Milton Badminton Club
Queensland Badminton Association
(07) 3162 1281 Milton

Customer Oriented Service Milton Badminton Court

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Servicing Suburbs

  • Do you provide members' insurance in your badminton club at Milton?

    Queensland Badminton Association Members of Milton receive personal injury cover as part of their membership of QBA. The cover of our badminton club membership is only provided at an activity or club that is affiliated with the Queensland Badminton Association. We do have Medicare Guidelines that you can check through our website.

  • Do you provide a list of calendar activities?

    Yes, at Queensland Badminton Association of Milton, we give you list calendar of events of our badminton club. Please note, some adjustments may be made to the calendar throughout the year, and you should check regularly for the latest information found on our website.

  • How to contact you?

    For more information about the offers we have in our badminton club of Milton, please don't hesitate to call us directly on (07) 3162 1281. We are looking forward to seeing you.

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