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Q Masters Pty Ltd

Snooker Clubs - Milton, QLD 4064

One of the Best Snooker Club in Milton

ABN: 94 956 139 308

Level 1 47 Castlemaine St

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About Us

  • Most Recommended Milton Snooker Club

  • Fully Qualified Snooker Coach

  • One of the Best Snooker Club near Milton

Most Recommended Milton Snooker Club

The snooker club of Q-Masters Pty Ltd has been described locally as one of the best as it has never been obvious to passers-by but is well known to the people in the area of Milton. The Milton snooker club itself has always strived to maintain a warm and friendly atmosphere which has no doubt contributed to its success over the years. Serving our Milton snooker club members for more than years which has helped build the Milton snooker clubs current membership with a range of ages across the board.

Licensed Bar and Cafe

Based in Level 1 47 Castlemaine St, Milton QLD 4064 the Milton snooker club of Q-Masters boasts a well-furnished bar area and to have 20 pool and snooker tables, plasma screens, great music and no coin tables to fight over. The Milton snooker club boasts superb modern kitchen facilities providing support to its snooker teams when hosting matches against rival Milton snooker clubs. Generally, the kitchen facilities are designed to provide cold buffets, tea and coffee but its use has grown to a level where it's now utilised for the Milton snooker club's busy social events calendar and more than often with more adventurous events and parties.

We welcome players of all ages and abilities and have a fully qualified Milton snooker club coach who runs private lessons. We aim to provide a friendly, open, family atmosphere so why not come on down and try out a few of our Milton snooker club facilities. Often running in-house snooker and pool competitions, our Milton snooker club has local league competitions during nights with availability for more teams to join.

It is easy to get to know people and develop new friendships through the game of snooker and via the many social events organised throughout the year. Our Milton snooker club is now actively recruiting members. Membership in our Milton snooker club can be taken out at any time just by calling in and giving us your details or if you are passing walk in and take a look at what our Milton snooker club has to offer. You will be more than welcome.

Milton Snooker Clubs
Q-Masters Pty Ltd
07 3367 1430 Milton

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  • What time do you open?

    Our Milton snooker club opens at 10 am till Midnight and Q-Masters Pty Ltd is open for 7 days. We encourage you to visit us at Level 1 47 Castlemaine St, Milton QLD 4064, for more information and details about our services and amenities. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Do your Milton snooker club accept events and parties?

    Absolutely, the Milton snooker club of Q-Masters Pty Ltd will organize and host a fun competition and can contribute towards great trophies/prizes for the winners. Our fun social competitions cater for all ages and levels of competency. Teams can either be sponsored or contribute their own fundraising fee. We also have a video sound system/fox sports and can provide delicious nibbles and platters.

  • How to contact you?

    You can contact the Milton snooker club of Q-Masters Pty Ltd at 07 3367 1430 for more information and details about our services. Our friendly staff are more than happy to assist you with your inquiries and give you a tour around. We look forward to hearing from you.

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