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Baseball Queensland Inc

Baseball Clubs - Milton, QLD 4064

The Governing Body of All Baseball Clubs in Milton

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Cnr Caxton & Castlemine Sts, Milton, QLD 4064

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Our Profile

  • Trusted By All Baseball Clubs in Milton

  • Family Friendly Baseball Association in Milton

  • One The Best Baseball Clubs That Offer Many Tournaments in 1001a

  • Offers Tournaments for Kids As Young As Four Years Old

Trusted By All Baseball Clubs in Milton

For many years, organised baseball has been played in Milton. It is the perfect way to pass the time and build a stronger relationship within the Milton community. Baseball Queensland Inc understands all of these. That’s why it exists to be the governing body over all the baseball clubs in and around Milton. Its goal is to control, promote, encourage, support, and improve the sport across all of its affiliated baseball clubs not just in Milton but throughout Queensland.

Trusted and Hardworking Staff

If you are also among the many baseball enthusiasts in Milton, consider joining one of Baseball Queensland Inc’s affiliated baseball clubs in Milton. By becoming a member of baseball clubs in Milton, you will have the chance to undergo professional training, join fun and engaging competitions, participate in social events, and develop overall sportsmanship.

Baseball Queensland Inc, being the governing body of all baseball clubs in Milton and all of Queensland, has a number of trusted baseball clubs under its wing. All of these baseball clubs host competitions for boys and girls as well as men and women around Milton. The youngest age group that Baseball Queensland Inc caters to in Milton is children aged four to seven years old. The numerous baseball clubs associated with Baseball Queensland Inc also offers competitions for age groups under 10, under 12, under 14, under 16, under 18, and under 20. Seniors competitions are also played.

If you’re trying to find trusted baseball clubs in Milton, there’s no better option than joining those baseball clubs affiliated with Baseball Queensland Inc. If you check out Baseball Queensland Inc, you will have a wide selection of esteemed baseball clubs to choose from not just in Milton but all throughout the state. They are also affiliated with the Australian Baseball Federation.

Last September 2016, Baseball Queensland Inc released an updated list of its baseball rules. These rules are strictly followed across all baseball clubs, leagues, and tournaments affiliated with Baseball Queensland Inc in and around Milton.

Baseball Queensland Inc also offers educational opportunities to the baseball clubs affiliated with them. They conduct leadership and management training programs for the baseball clubs’ staff to have a better understanding of how they can serve their community.

Milton Baseball Clubs
Baseball Queensland Inc
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Servicing Suburbs

Answers to Questions

  • Why should we join Baseball Queensland Inc?

    Those who plan on organising their own baseball clubs in Milton and anywhere in Queensland are encouraged to be a member of Baseball Queensland Inc. This is because Baseball Queensland can provide you with leadership programs and other needed help in running your club.

  • Where can we find the list of baseball clubs in Milton that are affiliated with Baseball Queensland Inc?

    To know which baseball clubs in Milton are affiliated with Baseball Queensland Inc, simply visit our website and head over to the tab wherein all the baseball clubs in Queensland is listed. You may also contact our staff on 07 3876 2222.

  • What's the best way to reach you?

    If you wish to speak with our friendly staff in Milton, you may call Baseball Queensland Inc directly on 07 3876 2222. We can answer your questions regarding baseball clubs during business hours from Monday to Friday.

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