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Most Outstanding Manunda Basketball Club

289 Aumuller St

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Friendly Basketball Club Manunda

Friendly Basketball Club

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Professional Coaches Manunda Basketball Clubs Manunda

Professional Coaches Manunda Basketball Clubs

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Manunda Basketball Club Membership

Cairns Taipans Manunda basketball club is the most outstanding basketball club in and around Manunda!

Family Friendly Manunda Basketball Club

All our sessions at our basketball clubs in Manunda are community focused and aim to captivate interest in the sport. Our Manunda basketball club at Cairns Taipans has sessions which are specialised for those who are just starting out in basketball or currently playing at their school in Manunda and want to develop their skills.

The basketball club sessions we have at Manunda Cairns Taipans are open to all new and existing basketball club members and are held at different venues in Manunda across the week. They are organised into age groups so that the focus for younger basketball club participants is on fun coaching sessions that would develop their skills, confidence, communication and teamwork.

Basketball club sessions for older participants in Manunda will focus more on the opportunity to play in a supportive environment alongside enjoying the benefit of developing skills, stamina, strength, speed and spirit. All our Manunda basketball club sessions are inclusive, however if you have specific needs please do contact our Manunda basketball club so that we can secure you a suitable session at our basketball club in Manunda.

The Cairns Taipans Manunda basketball club exists for the benefit of those who wish to develop their skills in the sport of basketball. We utilise our basketball club in Manunda to offer participants the opportunity to be healthy, to enjoy, achieve and have fun in a safe and supportive environment in Manunda.

Cairns Taipans Manunda basketball club provides players with technical training in addition to teaching the values of teamwork, responsibility and self-discipline.

Manunda Basketball Club
Cairns Taipans
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Professional Coaches Manunda Basketball Clubs

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  • How do I become a professional player in your basketball club in Manunda?

    Cairns Taipans invites you to join our coaching sessions at our basketball club in Manunda, and our friendly and professional coaches would be glad to assess your skill level, and then teach you the appropriate skills you need to develop. Call us today at (07) 4041 3000 to learn more!

  • What is the mission of Cairns Taipans?

    Our mission at Cairns Taipan basketball club in Manunda is to provide members with a fun, safe, fair environment to play basketball. Our program is driven by the many volunteer parents in Manunda with great basketball experience and passion.

  • How do I sign up for membership?

    Please visit our Manunda basketball club in Manunda to learn more about our membership process and membership benefits. You may also call us at (07) 4041 3000 to enquire and our friendly staff would be happy to assist you.

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