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Multihull Yacht Club QLD

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ABN: 97 324 509 351

Trafalgar St, Manly, QLD 4179

  • awards Long History Dating Back from 1927
  • awards Registered in the Australian Business Register as Yacht Clubs in Manly
  • awards Annual and Monthly Manly Yacht Clubs Meetings
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About Us

  • Yacht Clubs in Manly are Home to National Champion Sailors

  • Member Cruises and Events in Manly Yacht Clubs

  • Sailing for Recreation and Competition in Manly Yacht Clubs

Yacht Clubs in Manly are Home to National Champion Sailors

Multihull Yacht Club QLD prides itself as the premier yacht club in Manly. Our Manly yacht club was formed in 2001 by when three of the top clubs in the country decided to merge - Trailer Multihull Yacht Association Queensland, Darling Point Sailing Squadron and Queensland Multihull Yacht Club. Taken as a whole, our club has a long history since 1927 when the Darling Point Sailing Squadron was formed.

Registered in the Australian Business Register as Yacht Clubs in Manly

Through the years, our yacht club in Manly has grown bigger and stronger, with more members joining each year. Our Manly yacht club has varioud committees that are in charge of different aspects of the club. We have a management committee in charge of our operations, a social committee that organizes social events, a sailing committee that takes care of our sailing program, and a publicity committee. Our club has regular monthly meets and a once a year general assembly, to which members are highly recommended to attend and participate in.

We are home to recreational sailors and competitive sailors. We have members who are sailing champions in national and international competitions. We also take pride in our Manly yacht club members who have already successfully circumnavigated the world. Our yacht club in Manly provides support to our members in many different ways - venue, gear, advice, training, and camaraderie. This is what makes us the best yacht club in Manly.

Membership to our yacht club in Manly is open to individuals and families. Individuals who are residents of cities farther than 100 km away are still welcome to join. Families are also welcome to become members of our Manly yacht club. Family accounts could be composed of two adults (sailing and non-sailing member) and three junior sailors.

It is also convenient to join our yacht club in Manly. You are welcome to download, print and fill out our Manly yacht club membership form from our website and send it to us. We have also provided the convenience of paying for memberships through bank transfer or direct deposit. All information regarding joining our yacht club in Manly could be found on the downloadable form.

Our yacht club in Manly is open all year, even during the off-season. Our social calendar is busy and you could have a glimpse of our 2017 calendar on our website. We join and organize races, cruises, and regattas. We ensure that there is an activity for all our Manly yacht club members no matter their age or their skill level in sailing. Join our Manly yacht club and be a part of one of the best and most active yacht clubs in the country.

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Multihull Yacht Club QLD
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Servicing Suburbs

  • How can we join your yacht club in Manly?

    As the premier yacht club in Manly, we have made it very convenient to join our club. Aside from personally visiting our club to apply in person, you also have the option of downloading an application form on our website. Simply fill out the form and send it to the address printed on the form itself and you can follow the payment procedure given on the form, too.

  • What type of memberships do you offer?

    Our Manly yacht club offers various memberships. We have memberships for those who live in our city and those who live more than 100km away from our club. We also have student members and junior members. Our junior members are below 19 years old. We also have family accounts, which include the sailor, a non-racing but full-voting member and 3 junior sailors.

  • What activities does your club have?

    Our Manly yacht club is busy with activities throughout the year. We have annual and monthly meetings. We also have fun activities like cruises during the sailing season. On top of these, we organize competitions for sailors of different age groups.

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