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Pine Rivers Rapids Baseball Club Inc

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ABN: 48 137 498 782

Les Hughes Sporting Complex Francis Rd, Lawnton, QLD 4501

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  • Exciting Baseball Club Activities in Lawnton

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Exciting Baseball Club Activities in Lawnton

When you are into a game of sport, kicking it up a notch means joining a club. In this manner, you would be able to fully enjoy your passion with a set of best buddies. For baseball players, novice or pro, the go-to baseball club here in Lawnton is the Pine Rivers Rapids Baseball Club Inc. For years in the sports industry, our Lawnton baseball club has proven to be of admirable excellence. It never fails to obtain more laurels and merits as time goes by. Definitely, our baseball club has changed the lives of many Lawnton baseball players and their families.

Baseball Club Representation in Lawnton Matches and National Competitions

Situated in Lawnton, Pine Rivers Rapids Baseball Club Inc. has been giving the locals a superior baseball club experience. Being a family-oriented baseball club, we want the Lawnton family to grow in terms of people, brand, game and business. Inspired by the Baseball Queensland, our baseball club aims to provide positive growth and development to our Lawnton family members. Growing our people means giving them dependable backup. To make the game grow, we ensure quality and diversity. Accordingly, we optimize the profile of our Lawnton players to grow the baseball club brand.

Our baseball club gives out extensive training and development programs to our Little league, Juniors and Senior baseball players in Lawnton. We never run out of exciting sporting events and season matches. We speak highly of our qualified and accredited coaches who give out informative instructions and techniques. We are proud to say that our baseball club has been sending successful representations to state and national competitions. Moreover, we also offer baseball club sports camps or boot camps in Lawnton. Rest assured, these camps are all pleasurable and educational.

Pine Rivers Rapids Baseball Club Inc. has been hosting sporting events and fantastic activities. Every now and then, our baseball club holds fundraising events for the people of Lawnton. Our baseball club has a furnished clubhouse that is ideal for Lawnton seminars and functions. It is equipped with modern facilities as well. Surely, guests will be comfortably accommodated. The use of the clubhouse is free for baseball club members around Lawnton. It may be rented by non-members for an affordable cost.

Our baseball club also features a gym for folks of Lawnton. Members can access the gym without charge. For non-members, the fee is $30 for a year gym membership. We have a gym instructor who gives out different programs such as exercise and diet plans.

Pine Rivers Rapids Baseball Club Inc. also has modern batting cages. The cages may be hired for an affordable fee. One needs to check its availability, hence, inquiry and advance booking is suggested.

Join our growing baseball club family here in Lawnton. Pine Rivers Rapids Baseball Club Inc. has an online registration system. Likewise, our baseball club integrated modern technology to update our members with the latest news and events through our mobile Team App. Our baseball club also offers Get Started Vouchers for Lawnton children aged 5-17. Avail the $150 off the fee now by visiting our website or by calling us at 0414 447 753 for details.

Lawnton Baseball Club
Pine Rivers Rapids Baseball Club Inc.
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Servicing Suburbs

  • Does your Lawnton baseball club gym offers programs for non-members?

    Yes, our gym is open to Lawnton baseball club members and non-members. We offer options such as a week to week payment, pay as you go or yearly gym membership. We have a personal trainer who handles the 6-week program and exercise plans.

  • How many guests can your clubhouse accommodate?

    The venue is free for Lawnton baseball club members. For non-members, our fee is affordable. Our clubhouse can accommodate 80 seated guests. For a stand-up party, it can house140 guests. For bookings and inquiries, kindly visit our website or give us a call.

  • How can we register as baseball club members?

    Pine Rivers Rapids Baseball Club Inc has an online registration system. However, you may also visit our baseball club here in Lawnton or call us at 0414 447 753. We offer a Get Started Voucher for children aged 5-17. Avail of our discount now.

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