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Koumala Basketball Club

Koumala Basketball Club

Basketball Clubs - Koumala, QLD 4738

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Bolingbrook Rd, Koumala, QLD 4738

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Licensed Koumala Basketball Club

We know that it takes 10-12 years to prepare an international calibre basketball player. In our Koumala basketball club, the basketball curriculum is based on hours of practice per week and regular games or tournaments. We realise that not all players from the Koumala Koumala Basketball Club become professional athletes however we strongly believe that all our Koumala basketball club players will love to play basketball for life. The Koumala Koumala Basketball Club players learn how to run properly, have great flexibility, superior physical conditioning, excellent basketball fundamental skills, and exceptional coordination.

Your Preferred Koumala Basketball Club

Koumala Basketball Club caters for all ages and genders in the local Koumala basketball competition. Our Koumala basketball club has always prided themselves on having a strong active committee with good structures allowing them to build success. The Koumala Basketball Club in Koumala is entirely operated and run by volunteer coaches, team managers and committee members who are dedicated to helping players reach their true potential.

The Koumala Koumala Basketball Club Development Program is designed to help players improve all aspects of their game and rise to the top of their peer group while demonstrating their growth in a competitive league environment. The Koumala basketball club program pushes each player beyond their comfort zone and prepares them for a higher level of the sports.

The Koumala basketball club players are invited to play on teams as a result of their performance in tryouts which are held every season. Koumala Koumala Basketball Club Coaches are interviewed and hand selected by the Koumala basketball club coaching and program development committees to ensure that each player receives the best coaching and overall basketball experience possible in our Koumala basketball club

Koumala Basketball Club is a passionate, diverse, and committed Koumala basketball club who have come together to build a premiere, basketball-based youth development centre in the heart of Koumala.

Koumala Basketball Club
Koumala Basketball Club
07 4950 3765 Koumala

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  • What is your mission as a basketball club in Koumala?

    Koumala Basketball Club in Koumala believes that when you create opportunities for young people to develop their potential as students, athletes, and responsibly engaged citizens, the individual and the community will thrive. We know it's more than a game. Research shows that sports foster growth and development physically, academically, and socially.

  • Where is Koumala Basketball Club located in Koumala?

    Koumala Basketball Club is located at Bolingbrook Rd, Koumala QLD 4738. We do encourage aspiring members to visit our club and our friendly staff are more than happy to give you a tour around and provide you details about our services and amenities.

  • How to contact you?

    You can contact Koumala Basketball Club at 07 4950 3765 for more information and details about our basketball club in Koumala. We look forward to hearing from you.

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