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building equipment hire - Kingston, QLD 4114

32 Myra Street, Kingston, QLD 4114

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Building Equipment Rentals

Handyman Experts | Kingston Building Equipment Hires Kingston

Handyman Experts | Kingston Building Equipment Hires

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About Us

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Kingston Building Equipment Specialists

Faizal Kingston is an Australian owned and operated with solid stature in hiring well maintained and high-quality building equipment for hire.

State of the Art Building Equipment Hire

Here at Faizal Kingston follow a strict process to ensure that all of our equipment is well maintained and of a high quality. We thoroughly inspect all of our equipment as soon as it is returned, so you know that the equipment and tools you hire will be in tip-top shape and work the first staff is experienced and knowledgeable about all of our building equipment hire Kingston and tools and many of them are tradesmen themselves, so they know just what you need. You can rely on us for the best advice and the friendliest customer service in the trade. We specialise in building equipment hire Kingston and have just about every tool or piece of equipment you will need to help renovate your home or to help you in your business.

Over the years we have built a solid reputation for being honest and hardworking and we have been in the building industry for more than a few years now. We provide you expert advice how the right piece of building equipment hire or tool in Kingston, can make your day go so much faster and easier. Our range of small to medium range equipment is fairly exhaustive, so if you want to build it, dig it, paint it, drill it, saw it, remove it or clean it – you can count on us that we have the top-of-the-line building equipment hire Kingston and tools to do the job.

We offer the variety of building equipment hire and much more.
- Handyman Equipment Hire
- Ladders And Scaffolding Hire
- Hire Power Tools
- Mini Excavators And Post Hole Augers
- Pressure Washers For Hire
- Building Equipment Hire

Kingston Building Equipment Hire
0470 679 349 Kingston

Handyman Experts | Kingston Building Equipment Hires

Products and Services


Agriculture, Air Conditioning, Automotive, Cable Handling, Cleaning, Compaction, Construction, Conveying, Coring, Demolition, Dewatering, Digging, Drilling, Elevating, Erection, Finishing, Formwork, Gardening, Hazardous Materials Storage, Heating, Irrigation, Landscaping, Lifting, Lighting, Materials Handling, Measuring, Mining, Painting, Paving, Plumbing, Propping, Relocation, Renovation, Retaining, Roads, Rubbish Disposal, Sanding, Security, Shipping, Storage, Surveying, Towing, Traffic Control, Transportation

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Bricklayers, Builders, Contractors, Handymen, Painters


Commercial, Domestic, Industrial


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Servicing Suburbs

  • Do you offer free quotes?

    Yes, Kingston Faizal Building Equipment Hire provides a no obligations free specified and detailed quotes. Call us at 0470 679 349 for consultation.

  • Is Kingston Faizal Building Equipment Hire insured?

    Yes, Kingston Faizal Building Hire projects are covered by our house raising and public liability insurance.

  • Do I need plans?

    Yes, Kingston Faizal Building Equipment Hires highly recommend engineers and draftsmen who can design according to your needs.

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