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Harristown Basketball Academy

Harristown Basketball Academy

Basketball Clubs - Harristown, QLD 4350

The Most Preferred Basketball Club in Harristown

, Harristown, QLD 4350

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National and Local Competitors Harristown

National and Local Competitors

Friendly Basketball Teams Harristown

Friendly Basketball Teams

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Contact Us Harristown Basketball Clubs

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Who we are

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Harristown Basketball Club Professional Trainings

Joining an exciting basketball club in Harristown has never been this easy!

High Standard Harristown Basketball Club Facilities

Harris Town Basketball Academy basketball club in Harristown encourages each Harristown basketball club members towards sportsmanship and teamwork. Our facility has standard lighted venue complete with a modern and high standard basketball club facilities where you can enrol your kids and family. Join in the most exciting basketball club in Harristown!

Playing basketball in a good basketball club Harristown is a good way to get both vigorous and moderate exercise. Our Harristown basketball club provides you with the most complete basketball club facilities in Harristown.

Our Harristown basketball club at Harris Town Basketball Academy also knows that basketball clubs offer so many opportunities for parents to get involved with their child’s athletic career. Our basketball club at Harristown Harris Town Basketball Academy is indeed the perfect place for a family to get together in Harristown, while watch exciting Harristown basketball club events and competitions!

Our aim in this competitive basketball club in Harristown is to promote participation at all skill levels and to develop a friendly healthy sporting basketball club for the community to use and enjoy.

At Harris Town Basketball Academy basketball clubs of Harristown, we welcome new members and encourages all members together with the business and sporting community to take an active part in our upcoming basketball season.

Harris Town Basketball Academy also exposes every member to friendly competitions and opportunities for getting involved with your child and the whole family.

If you wish to join Harris Town Basketball Academy, contact us now at 0417 196 151 and enquire of our exciting membership perks!

Harristown Basketball Club
Harris Town Basketball Academy
0417 196 151 Harristown

Contact 0417 196 151 Harristown Basketball Clubs

Products and Services


Basketball Courts, Cafeteria, Change Rooms, Toilets

Catering To

All Ages, Kids Basketball, Mens Basketball, Womens Basketball




Monday - Friday, Saturday


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Servicing Suburbs

  • How do I get updated on your upcoming basketball events?

    In order to get the latest updates on upcoming basketball events and competitions, please don't hesitate to call us at 0417 196 151, or visit us at our basketball club in Harristown to enquire.

  • How do I become a professional player in your Harristown basketball club

    We invite you to join our training sessions at our basketball club in Harristown, and our friendly and professional coaches would be glad to assess your skill level, and then teach you the appropriate skills you need to develop. Call us today at 0417 196 151 to learn more!

  • How do I sign up for membership at your basketball club in Harristown?

    You may visit our Harristown basketball club in Harristown to learn more about our membership process and membership benefits. You may also call us at 0417 196 15 to enquire and our friendly staff would be happy to assist you.

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