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Gladstone Yacht Club

Yacht Clubs - Gladstone, QLD 4680

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ABN: 12 448 161 145

1 Goondoon St, Gladstone, QLD 4680

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About Us

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Bars and Beer Garden

Gladstone Yacht Club has been honourably awarded “Best Small Social Club” twice, and best known as the destination point of the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race, the Gladstone Yacht Club was designed to take full advantage of its exceptional location. The Captain’s Deck and New Veranda offer beautiful water and sunset views, a constant sea breeze and a perfect place to wine, dine or relax & unwind. Gladstone Yacht Club also continue to provide different avenues for members to enjoy their sailing experience! We have tutorials for sailing as well as for dinghies and also hold races and regattas for Gladstone teams.

Members here at Gladstone Yacht Club are happy with the offerings we have provided them through the years. Our sailors, once taught by the professionals in our yacht club which have gone on to become national title holders in different classes. With the help of our team at Gladstone Yacht Club, most of our Gladstone members have also travelled places and attended major regattas as well as championed them. Our yacht club in Gladstone provides assistance to different charities, which is a good way to give back to people.

Yacht clubs have no specific age nor level of abilities to be qualified to join. It encourages every age, in all level of abilities. Yacht clubs are not just about boats or yacht, it's about getting away from worries of the day, unwinding, changing sceneries and fill your heart with satisfaction, therefore Gladstone Yacht Club offers training and classes for beginners and we are a family-friendly club that gathers every member of the family and has fun together. For those who want to chill out after a long day in the Gladstone Yacht Club, you can enjoy a few drinks and lounge in the licensed bar of the place. Even for those who need to fill their stomach would be happy to know that the Gladstone Yacht Club have many meals available for the hungry ones.

Gladstone Yacht Club has a lot of activities offered and is a perfect place to spend your weekends, offs and boring days. You will enjoy Gladstone Yacht Club by sailing, canoeing, water skiing or just relax with its cosy and relaxing sea ambience.

Gladstone Yacht Club
Gladstone Yacht Club
07 4972 2294 Gladstone

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Servicing Suburbs

  • Do you accept celebrations at your function rooms?

    Absolutely, Gladstone Yacht Club caters small group up to extra large groups. It’s where the famous Easter Party is held. We have a function room for a stage, games, rides, showgrounds and entertainment. It holds up to 1500 people in a walk around casual style. Seated tables for food service are available for about 150p BBQ style or Buffet. If you want the entire area the price will be by negotiation.

  • Do you serve beer or alcoholic drinks at Gladstone yacht club?

    Absolutely, Gladstone Yacht Club has a beer and garden area to where you can enjoy your beer with a beautiful view and it provides a relaxed atmosphere where live music can be enjoyed every Sunday from 2 pm with a wonderful view over the Gladstone Harbour.

  • How to contact you?

    There are 2 ways to contact us, you can visit our website to check our range of services and amenities. You can also contact Gladstone Yacht Club at 07 4972 2294 for more information and details about our club. We look forward to hearing from you.

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