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A Grade Sanding & Polishing

Floor Sanding & Floor Polishing - Corinda, QLD 4075

Professional Floor Sanding Corinda Polishing & Recoating Services

ABN: 94 199 872 564

Corinda, Corinda, QLD 4075

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  • Products and Services

Products and Services


Advice, Finishing, Installation, Liming, Maintenance, Polishing, Recoating, Renovations, Restoration, Resurfacing, Sanding, Sealing, Staining, Tinting


Commercial Flooring, Cork, Dance, Domestic Flooring, Floating, Floor Boards, Gymnasium, Handmade, Laminate, Overlaying, Sports Floors, Strip Flooring


Bamboo, Baltic Pine, Beech, Brush Box, Chipboard, Cork, Ironbark, Jarrah, Tasmanian Oak, Terrazzo, Timber, Vinyl


Gloss, Lime Finish, Low Sheen, Non-toxic, Quick Drying, Satin, Solvent-based Finishes, Stain, Water-based Finishes


  • What benefits of Corinda floor sanding have?

    Finished floor sanding Corinda are hygienic, practical and very stylish , they do not harbour parasites like carpets do and they are virtually maintenance free .Very easy to clean, they do not have funky odours from the previous occupants pets or tobacco, wood is also a great heat conductor, cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

  • How to request for a Corinda floor sanding services?

    You can call A-Grade Sanding & Polishing Corinda at 0414 804 277 for floor sanding services or visit our website for further information and details. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Should I have my floor sanding Corinda done room by room or all at once?

    All at once floor sanding Corinda is preferable, as you can keep costs down by us reducing our traveling expenses. How much will it cost? We start as low as $18.-00 per square meter. However it all depends on the condition of your floor prior to starting, and the type of coating you choose to have applied. As an example, the average bedroom is 12 – 14 square meters. Is Bonatech Mega as durable as solvent based finishes? Just like solvent based finishes, the wear-resistance of different waterborne finishes varies. It all depends on their composition. Bonatech Mega is a 100% polyurethane finish and is comparable to premium solvent based polyurethane finishes for wear.

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