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Colm's Property Maintenance

Colm's Property Maintenance

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Chermside West, Chermside West, QLD 4032

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Home cleaners at Chermside West Colm's Property Maintenance understand that providing an efficient, convenient, and reliable local cleaning services are the key to a happy and peaceful home and successful businesses. Our expert Chermside West home cleaners is trained and certified to serve your business or home with top quality cleaning services at an affordable rate. Therefore, you can guarantee that upon hiring us as your cleaning services provider is the key for a fresher, healthier and happier living.

Domestic Home Cleaners Chermside West

Colm's Property Maintenance is the best go-to team when it comes to those looking for the best home cleaners Chermside West in Queensland. Some people who are busy at work and with their career may find it hard to have the time to take care of their home the way they want to, but trained and professional home cleaners Chermside West from Colm's Property Maintenance are equipped with the proper training and certification to ensure that your house is clean and sparkling when you get home. Nothing beats seeing a clean home and not having to sweat for it because you have pushed yourself too much at work and by getting Chermside West home cleaners to do the work for you is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Families and individuals need not worry as well because the ones we send in your homes are all trustworthy and certified - at Colm's Property Maintenance we pride ourselves in making sure the quality and reliability of our people are top-notch, and this is one of many values that have endeared and helped us in maintaining our thousands of loyal customers. With a large array of Chermside West home cleaners to choose from you can never be afraid that no one might be available - from simple cleaning of a specific area to the entire house including garage and basement trust that our Chermside West home cleaners are equipped with all the tools and cleaning materials needed in order to help achieve the kind of clean and order that you want.

Fully Qualified Home Cleaners Chermside West

Are you having a party and need someone to clean afterwards and find it hard to look for effective home cleaners Chermside West? You can be dead tired and want to rest your feet, allow our team of proficient home cleaners Chermside West to sweep up the rest of the party for you. Need a hand when you want to get the carpet and flooring shined and cleaned for visitors? No need to look any further, because you can find the best home cleaners Chermside West at Colm's Property Maintenance where we also provide special cleaning services for an additional small cost. If you need someone to get the appliances back to its original shine may it be your refrigerator or oven, know that the team of capable home cleaners Chermside West can also do this. We also provide you other services that will definitely help you in keeping the dust off of your home and maintaining the kind of clean and clutter-free space that you need. You can also have our home cleaners Chermside West visit at any special occasion or event where you need help, or can schedule them to come either weekly, biweekly or monthly.

Colm's Property Maintenance strongly believes that in order for you to put your one hundred and ten percent of focus towards the more important parts of life - work, family, new children, adventures, travels and just to treat yourself for a good job - hiring Chermside West home cleaners to do all the necessary cleaning and follow-up on the home is a great decision. Most of the loyal customers who get our Chermside West home cleaners services has commented that they've had better performance at work, more time with their elderly or newborn kids or that they have traveled without having to worry they will go home to a dusty house. This is Chermside West home cleaners at its very best - and you don't have to worry about the price because we are reasonable and definitely know how to value loyal customers.

Call today and have our best Chermside West home cleaners make your house a home where guests and family members can enjoy without having to see dust and cobwebs. Get our Chermside West home cleaners services today and find that there are just simply no regrets to owning a clean and friendly home!

Chermside West Home Cleaners
Colm's Property Maintenance
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Products and Services


Bond Cleaning, Builder Final Clean, General House Cleaning, Insurance Work, Pre-rental, Pre-sale Cleaning, Relocation Cleaning, Rental Exit Cleaning, Scheduled House Cleaning


Deodorising, Dusting, Exterior Cleaning, General Surface Cleaning, Gutter Flushing, Ironing, Laundry, Mopping, Sealing, Sweeping, Vacuuming, Wheelie Bin Cleaning


Family Homes, Flats, Holiday Units, Rental Units, Vacant Homes


Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Carports, Driveways, Entrances, Footpaths, Gutters, Kitchens, Laundries, Living Rooms, Patios, Pergolas, Pool


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Servicing Suburbs

  • What other services does Colm's Property Maintenance have?

    Our home cleaners Chermside West can also provide other special services like cabinet cleaning, refrigerator and oven cleaning as well as dishwasher load and unload. We also provide outside cobweb removals and garage, skylight, patio and screen cleaning among others.

  • What kind of Chermside West home cleaners does Colm's Property Maintenance have?

    We are a team who strongly believes in consistency - our Chermside West home cleaners are all fully trained and has passed credentials that have been screened and verified. Our goal is to ensure that we put the best and most trust worthy person inside your homes - and we have done so in the years before us and will continue to do so for the years to come.

  • How do we contact your home cleaners Chermside West?

    We are always available at our number 0415 198 672 where our customer service representative is always excited to hear from both new and old customers. Call today to know more about what else our hard working and efficient Chermside West home cleaners can do for you!

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