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Oxley Sailing Club

Yacht Clubs - Chelmer, QLD 4068

Best Sailing and Yacht Club in Chelmer

ABN: 39 361 782 132

142 Leybourne St, Chelmer, QLD 4068

  • awards Offers a Friendly and Social Atmosphere
  • awards Best Yacht Club in Chelmer to Learn Sailing
  • awards Chelmer Top Yacht Club
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About Us

  • Chelmer Best Yacht Club for Sailing Competitions

  • One of the Yacht Club in Chelmer who offers Boat Hires

  • Offers Well-Instructed Learn to Sail Lessons

  • Fun and Engaging Sailing Events and Socials

Chelmer Best Yacht Club for Sailing Competitions

As one of Chelmer friendliest yacht club, Oxley Sailing Club has a long history of providing a quality family-friendly entertainment venue as well as being Chelmer top yacht club. Well-equipped with facilities and amenities, our Chelmer yacht club can boast as being one of the best marinas in the region.

Best Yacht Club in Chelmer to Learn Sailing

Founded in 1902, Oxley Sailing Club has more than 100 years of history as a yacht club in Chelmer. The Chelmer yacht club started on a Thursday on the 2nd day of January in 1902 when several sailing enthusiasts met at the Sherwood Railway Station’s goods shed where they discussed forming a sailing club. As time went on, the club became one of the few prominent sailing and yacht clubs in Chelmer, up to the present day.

As a renowned Chelmer yacht club, Oxley Sailing Club continually holds sailing competitions for its members as a nod to its rich history as one of Brisbane's oldest sailing clubs. Races are held in varying courses which are decided by club officials and offer our members a chance to show off their Chelmer yacht club spirit through friendly competition. In addition, members who are new to sailing can also avail of our exclusive learn to sail lessons which are only offered to members of our yacht club in Chelmer.

In addition to providing standard services to members of Oxley Sailing Club, our Chelmer yacht club also provides boat hires for those who are interested. Please take note that boat hires are at the discretion of the club boatmaster and are only available on certain days listed in our Chelmer yacht club calendar. Additionally, our Chelmer club members are given a discount for boat hires as well as given a higher booking priority.

For additional information about our Chelmer yacht club in you can visit our official Oxley Sailing Club website. You can also contact us thru our dedicated Chelmer yacht club phone line (07) 3379 1320 to check for boat hire availability or use our website to book a boat. Additionally, you can also contact us for registration inquiries, our friendly Chelmer yacht club representatives would be happy to receive your call.

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Oxley Sailing Club
(07) 3379 1320 Chelmer

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Servicing Suburbs

  • How can I become a registered member of your Chelmer yacht club?

    In order to become a registered member of our Chelmer yacht club, all you need to do Is download the 2017-2018 membership form from our website. You then need to fill out the form and pay the necessary fees and wait for your membership to be approved. If you wish to learn more detailed information about our fees and membership, please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • What do I need if I want to rent a boat from your Chelmer yacht club?

    If you are a member of our Chelmer yacht club and want to hire a boat, you'll be given a much higher priority and also receive a discount. If you are not a member, you can still hire a boat from us. Please note that club boats are hired at the discretion of the Club Boatmaster, the Officer of the Day or a Committee Member. In addition, boats are available on club sailing days which is listed in the club calendar on the website.

  • How do I join your Chelmer yacht club's Learn-to-Sail program?

    our Chelmer yacht club runs Learn-to-Sail courses once or twice a year, which is usually during March or September. The course dates depend on river conditions, availability of qualified instructors and the availability of experienced volunteers. We will notify you a few weeks before a course when we start contacting people who've have registered until the course is full. We recommend that you register early so your name is higher on the list.

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