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RPJ Painting and Rendering

RPJ Painting and Rendering

Painters & Decorators - Carina, QLD 4152

Your Go To Reputable Painters and Rendering Tradesmen in Carina

ABN: 98 748 312 787
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Painters in Carina

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Rendering Services

Carina Painting Services Carina

Carina Painting Services

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About Us

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Residential and Commercial Painters in Carina

RPJ Painting and Rendering is a full-service painting company composed of professional painters around Carina. Their Carina painters and rendering experts have gained extensive experience in painting jobs, which makes them the most trusted in the industry by many customers in Carina for many years.

Carina Highly Recommended Painters in Carina

About our Company- Highly Recommended Painters in Carina

Their professional painters and rendering workers at Carina RPJ Painting and Rendering aim to transform your space into something new and vibrant. They pay careful attention to your requirements as a homeowner in your next paint or rendering project.

Their skilful Carina painters and rendering specialists want to bring your home and office improvement to the next level with their expert painting and rendering works. Their residential painters and rendering specialists in Carina also work according to your preferred schedule and are guaranteed to come on time on every appointment in every home in Carina, so as not to waste your precious time. Their friendly and professional painters and rendering professionals in Carina will tidy up at the end of every work and they work hours which suit you.

Our Comprehensive Painting Services- Carina Professional Painters

Here at RPJ Painting and Rendering, they have a team of well-trained Carina painters to complete your residential and commercial projects in a timely and non-invasive manner. They are also available to work flexible shifts to help minimize the disruption of your office or facility. They have extensive experience throughout Carina so their customers know that they can get the job done on time and on budget.

They specialise in a range of professional painting and rendering services to fit your needs.
 Colour Consulting
 Commercial
 Interior and Exterior Painting
 Fence Painting
 Exterior Timber Maintenance
 Special Finishes
 Roof Painting
 Spray Painting
 Rendering
 Acrylic Render
 Bagging
 Cement Render

RPJ Painting and Rendering Carina painters offer free estimates and consultation! Call them today whether your concerns are time constraints, air quality, paint odours, staging or any other issues, their Carina expert painters can make it work!

Carina Painters
RPJ Painting and Rendering
0412 913 409 Carina

Carina Painting Services

Products and Services


Antiques, Architraves, Benchtops, Borders, Cabinets, Ceilings, Doors, Fascias, Feature Walls, Fencing, Floor Coverings, Floors, Laminates, Murals, Pools, Roller Doors, Roller Shutters, Roofs, Skirting Boards, Soffits, Strata, Tiles, Timber, Walls, Weatherboards, Window Frames


Airless Spraying, Anti-Grafitti, Brush Application, Clean-up, Colour Consultations, Consultation, Faux Finishes, French Washing, Glazing, Heritage Colour, Heritage Work, High Level Access, Lacquering, Line Marking, Maintenance, Marbling, Mirror Finishes, Period Restorations, Protective Coatings, Re-painting, Repairs, Restoration, Roller Application, Special Coatings, Special Effects, Sponging, Spray Painting, Staining, Stencilling, Stripping, Stucco, Surface Preparations, Texturing, Varnishing, Waterproofing


Cracks, Fire Damage, Gaps, Graffiti, Lead Paint, Moss, Plaster Damage, Rot Damage, Smoke Damage, Timber Damage, Water Damage


Berger, Bristol, Colorbond, Crommelin, Dulux, Feast Watson, Graco, Hadrian, Haymes, Parbury, Pascol, Phillro, Porters, Resene, Rokset, Rota Cota, Selleys, Sikkens, Solver, Taubmans, Wattyl


  • How can we reach your Carina painters and rendering staff?

    If you wish to find out more about this team of professional painters and rendering specialists in Carina, do not hesitate to call them directly at 0412 913 409. If you have concerns about additional work or requests you want to be accomplished, their friendly Carina painters will be happy to assist you.

  • How competitive are your painters and rendering team?

    RPJ Painting and Rendering contractors are among the best painters in Carina because they are committed to providing personalised painting and rendering services at the best rates. They work hard in making sure that every project is done professionally, efficiently, and within the budget.

  • Do RPJ Painting and Rendering Carina painters provide free quotes?

    Yes, they provide a no-obligation free estimate and free quotes for all of their Carina clients who wish to avail of their professional painting and rendering services. They will be happy to hear from you and showcase their expertise as the go-to painters and rendering contractors in Carina.

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