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Carina Red Sox Baseball Club

Carina Red Sox Baseball Club

Baseball Clubs - Carina, QLD 4152

ABN: 35 358 826 866

Zahel St, Carina, QLD 4152

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Customer Oriented Service Carina Baseball Clubs Carina

Customer Oriented Service Carina Baseball Clubs

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Carina Baseball Club

Customer Oriented Service Carina Baseball Clubs

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Servicing Suburbs

  • How do I get updated on the latest news and information from Carina Red Sox Baseball Club Carina?

    To get the latest updates from Carina Red Sox Baseball Club, contact us at (07) 3398 3726, and speak with our friendly baseball club staff. We will be happy to assist you with regard to any upcoming baseball club events, competitions, and trainings.

  • How do I sign up for membership in your baseball club at Carina?

    At Carina Red Sox Baseball Club of Carina, we offer exciting membership suited for your age and skills. Please call us at (07) 3398 3726 to know more about our membership rates and benefits.

  • How do I become a baseball player in your baseball club in Carina?

    We invite you to be one of our Carina baseball club members, and enrol in one of our baseball club coaches' sessions. There you would learn starting from the basics, and you would then be involved in competitions until you increase in your potential in playing the game, at your own pace.

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