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Cairns Yacht Club

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ABN: 34 255 640 546

4 Wharf St, Cairns, QLD 4870

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Best customer service yacht clubs in Cairns

Are you in the search for a yacht clubs in Cairns that has your interests in mind? Well, if you have your hearts set out to the sea then this Cairns yacht clubs is the answer to your search! This is the Cairns yacht clubs that will provide you tutorials on dinghies and teach you how to sail properly. Aside from that, you will also enjoy immensely in this Cairns yacht clubs because they also have regattas and other competitions that you can join. For those who love keel boats will love this Cairns yacht clubs as it features the use of classic folkboats, sports boat and other large racing boats.

Best Food Award for yacht clubs in Cairns

Dinghy tutorials and sailing lessons can also be provided by the Cairns yacht clubs at a very affordable price with professional and licensed tutors. Also for those who want to socialize you can definitely have with the best yacht clubs in Cairns - Cairns Yacht Club! Once you are in the yacht clubs in Cairns you can join local yachtsmen and women who provide their time as well as their yachts to take their visitors as well as guests on a social race while watching the beautiful scenery.

For aspiring sailors, joining in the Cairns yacht clubs is a good choice because you will get professional help in learning how to sail by very qualified instructors. The instructors in yacht clubs in Cairns will also teach you how to operate a sailboat so you can also join races in the future once you have already learned more than enough. These skills learned in the Cairns yacht clubs can definitely help in one way or another – socializing, possible work and knowing how to be safe.

For people with disability but still want to learn how to sail then this Cairns yacht clubs is the answer! The yacht clubs in Cairns provides sailing tutorial to people with disability because they believe anyone can sail – whatever your physical attributes may be. Aside from dinghies and boat sailing tutorial, the Cairns yacht clubs is also open to train you in paddling and may join the Outrigger Division. For an easy access to events, the yacht clubs in Cairns also prepared a website where the calendar can be checked every now and then for any activity.

Don’t allow your fear to grip you – the instructors at yacht clubs Cairns are fully licensed and have been doing this for years, you are assured by the yacht clubs in Cairns of your safety but also of your enjoyment!

Cairns Yacht Clubs
Cairns Yacht Club
(07) 4031 2750 Cairns

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  • What sets your Cairns yacht clubs apart from the others?

    Most yacht clubs are similar, its true – however it is only this team of yacht clubs Cairns provide tutorials for disabled people! We want to ensure everyone enjoys the perks and awesomeness of sailing!

  • How do we get in touch with you?

    You can call us at our number (07) 4031 2750 where we await your call and as excited to bring you into a magical world of sea and picturesque beauty as well as being able to socialize and sail at the same time! Be a part of the best yacht clubs in Cairns today!

  • How safe is the tutorial process?

    Our expert best yacht clubs in Cairns wants to ensure your peace of mind by providing you instructors who are fully licensed and trained to teach you to sail. They have undergone safety training and would be happy to show you the certificates if you ask for it.

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