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Bundaberg Sailing Club

Yacht Clubs - Bundaberg, QLD 4670

Bundaberg Yacht Club

ABN: 30 095 940 950

Strathdee Ave

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About Us

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Well-known Yacht Club in Bundaberg

The Bundaberg yacht club of Bundaberg Sailing Club provides the highest level of services to its yacht club members in Bundaberg and a kind of yacht club should have. We are committed to the promotion of sailing as a worthy contributor to the community lifestyle. Here in our Bundaberg yacht club, our membership offers a range of privileges, services, offers and benefits, and the chance to become involved in a variety of member interest groups, events and activities of Bundaberg Sailing Club. Whether your interest is in racing, cruising, fishing, socialising or simply getting out of the water, Bundaberg Sailing Club is a welcoming yacht clubs in Bundaberg with much to offer. The members of our yacht clubs in Bundaberg enjoy access to our many facilities and services at discounted rates.

If you are looking for a yacht club in Bundaberg don’t just look for at the entrance or website, also take a look at what kind of tours and amenities they provide. Bundaberg Yacht Club is highly recommended because we have high face value they also provide our Bundaberg customer’s money worth, awesome tours and very sumptuous feasts. The activities of Bundaberg Yacht Clubs have lined up for our customers which are definitely one for the books something that other yacht clubs in Bundaberg are yet to do.

The Bundaberg yacht club of Bundaberg Sailing Club is enjoyed by individuals who are passionate about yacht cruising and racing. It encourages our members to socialize with other people, gain friends and find a new hobby. The Bundaberg yacht club of Bundaberg Sailing Club offers affordable membership rates and provides excellent facilities and activities competitively the same with high-class yacht clubs around Bundaberg.

What you're looking for is within your reach. Bundaberg Sailing Club will provide you an enjoyable day with a lot of activities, entertainment and sea ambience that you will surely enjoy. The Bundaberg yacht club of Bundaberg Sailing Club offers affordable membership rates for anyone who wants to join.

Bundaberg Yacht Club
Bundaberg Sailing Club
07 4159 4424 Bundaberg

Friendly Staff and Club Members

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Servicing Suburbs

  • Why choose our yacht club in Bundaberg?

    Bundaberg Sailing Club provides an enjoyable day of activities that you will surely enjoy. Our Bundaberg yacht club offers affordable membership rates for anyone who wants to join. For you to fully enjoy yourself and see that we are the most outstanding yacht clubs, see our beautiful clubhouse, classy dining outlets, and a fully equipped marina. You will be able to enjoy as well delicious food and a relaxing time!

  • How competitive are your staff?

    Our amenities and food are not all that’s there to amaze you, we have a courteous staff and great customer service always available to help you may it be directions, room service or just simple questions that you need to be answered. We have the best people for the job. Our team in Bundaberg yacht club are passionate in helping and assisting our members to make sure they are able to maximise our yacht club facilities and events.

  • How to contact you?

    You can contact the yacht club of Bundaberg Sailing Club at 07 4159 4424 for more information and details about our services. Joining Bundaberg Yacht Club opens a door to exclusive member benefits and brings you into our family sailing community. Get in touch with our yacht clubs now and you’ll always get a warm welcome. We look forward to hearing from you.

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