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Brisbane Sailing Squadron Inc.

Yacht Clubs - Bulimba, QLD 4171

Highly Regarded Yacht Club in Bulimba

ABN: 20 728 494 054

126 Quay Street , Bulimba, QLD 4171

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All About Us

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  • Affiliated With Queensland 16ft Skiff Sailing Association

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Local Bulimba Yacht Club Near You

Brisbane Sailing Squadron Inc. is a registered local yacht club in Bulimba. It boasts a long and proud history with the residents of Bulimba and its surrounding areas. This Bulimba yacht club has also produced numerous State and National championships, as well as an Olympic representative at two highly regarded Olympics competitions.

Formed in 1921, Brisbane Sailing Squadron Inc. is among the most highly recommended Bulimba yacht clubs. They welcome everyone who is interested to become a member of their family-friendly yacht club in Bulimba. Brisbance Sailing Squadron Inc. conducts various reliable sailing programs, sailing tournaments, and social events for all of their Bulimba yacht club members. If you are also a passionate sailing enthusiast, you are more than welcome to join this trusted yacht club in Bulimba.

When you decide to join them, you can automatically enjoy the Bulimba yacht club membership perks that Brisbane Sailing Squadron Inc. offers. This local yacht club in Bulimba has a very well-maintained and family-friendly clubhouse that is located conveniently in Bulimba Point. It was constructed many years ago by volunteer Bulimba yacht club members and supporters. Brisbane Sailling Squadron Inc.'s Bulimba yacht clubhouse has a magnificent deck, which is a preferred spot for post-race drinks. Many times over, it has also been a popular venue for functions and is a great source of revenue for this Bulimba yacht club.

This local Bulimba yacht club provides its members with a platform wherein they can participate in a healthy, outdoor activity with like-minded people. Along with other Bulimba yacht clubs, Brisbane Sailing Squadron Inc. also offers a place where members can enjoy river-based sailing while having a chance to build life-long friendships with yacht club members around Bulimba.
Through working hand-in-hand with their Bulimba yacht club members, Brisbane Sailing Squadron Inc. aims to establish an accredited youth training facility to attract young individuals into trying out sailing. They are also among the most preferred yacht clubs in Bulimba that offer professional sailing programs for small- to medium-sized keelboats.

Find out more about what Brisbane Sailing Squadron Inc. offers that other Bulimba yacht clubs don't when you visit their website today. You can also get the latest updates about their Bulimba yacht club sailing programs, tournaments, and social events when you like them on their official Facebook page. For any question or concern that needs an immediate response, do not hesitate to contact them directly on 08 3399 4942.

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Brisbane Sailing Squadron Inc.
08 3399 4942 Bulimba

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  • What makes you stand out from other Bulimba yacht clubs?

    When you decide to become a member of this reliable yacht club in Bulimba, you will have the privilege of enjoying the numerous perks that they offer their members. Among these include being invited to various social events, tournaments, and sailing programs.

  • How can we contact you?

    To get in touch with Brisbane Sailing Squadron Inc., do not hesitate to contact their very friendly staff directly on 08 3399 4942. You can ask them about their wide range of Bulimba yacht club membership perks, fees, and application process.

  • What do you offer your members?

    By joining Brisbane Sailing Squadron Inc., you will have the chance to be trained by some of the best sailors throughout the area. This Bulimba yacht club offers the most reliable sailing programs in and around Bulimba.

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