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Brisbane 18 Footers Sailing Club Inc.

Yacht Clubs - Bulimba, QLD 4171

The Best Sailing Club In Bulimba

ABN: 22 043 836 832

63 McConnell St, Bulimba, QLD 4171

  • awards Competitive Sailing Club In Bulimba
  • awards Established In 1895
  • awards Widely Recognised Bulimba Sailing Club
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Fun Sailing Club In Bulimba

Brisbane 18 Footers Sailing Club Inc. is one of the most prestigious sailing clubs in Bulimba. Founded in 1895, Brisbane 18 Footers Sailing Club Inc. is also one of the oldest Bulimba sailing clubs. We have various activities in Bulimba that will suit sailing club enthusiasts from Bulimba of all levels. If you're looking for a sailing club in Bulimba that will give you a taste of adventure, then we invite you to join us at Brisbane 18 Footers Sailing Club Inc of Bulimba.

Established In 1895

Here at Brisbane 18 Footers Sailing Club Inc., we are an Bulimba sailing club that sails more than just 18-footers. Bulimba sailors of all ages and experience levels are very much welcome and we invite all of you to take our Bulimba sailing club classes to get you up to speed on the type of sailing club activity in Bulimba that you want to participate in. Our classes in Bulimba will give you the skills to handle historical 10-foot skiffs, 12-foot skiffs and of course the 18-foot skiffs that Brisbane 18 Footers Sailing Club Inc. of Bulimba is named for.

Our Bulimba sailing club operates from two boat sheds in Bulimba. Moreton Bay from the Darling Point Sailing Squadron (Saturdays, 12ft and 18ft skiffs) and Brisbane River from Bulimba Point (some Sundays, Historical 10ft skiffs). Since the classes set sail on different days, you have the option to try out the different types of skiffs if you are so inclined. At Brisbane 18 Footers Sailing Club Inc. of Bulimba, we are the sailing club that wants you to have as much fun and freedom as possible.

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Brisbane 18 Footers Sailing Club Inc.
07 3399 1302 Bulimba

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Open Monday - Friday, Open Weekends


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Servicing Suburbs

  • Do you offer free tours at your Bulimba sailing club?

    Yes, we always welcome enthusiasts to check out our Bulimba sailing club in the hopes that it will spark enough interest for you to get into this activity. Just contact our office to coordinate on a schedule.

  • What types of activities can I engage in?

    At our sailing club in Bulimba, we offer different classes for varying ages and expertise levels. So whatever type of skiff you want to sail in and however new you may be to the sport, don't worry because we can get you up to speed.

  • How can we contact you?

    You can call us at 07 3399 1302 or email We would be happy to accommodate you and in fact invite you to visit our Bulimba sailing club to see our facilities and observe some of our classes.

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