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Natrad Brendale

Radiator Repairs - Brendale, QLD 4500

Your Trusted Radiator Repair Specialists in Brendale

ABN: 30 612 992 159

Unit 12/71 South Pine Road, Brendale, QLD 4500

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About Us

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Brendale Radiator Repair

Natrad Brendale makes up Australia’s largest network of radiator repairs dedicated to industrial and heavy machine heat exchange units. We are equipped to perform radiator repairs and replace heat exchange units to suit the largest vehicles and equipment in Brendale. We supply and install speciality heavy duty products, such as ADFUSE cores and ADSEAL charge air coolers in Brendale, which are specifically designed for high durability and performance in radiator repairs. We, at Natrad, are the most trusted radiator repairs in Brendale, with a history dating back more than 80 years and around 70 stores nationwide. We pride ourselves on leading the market in the radiator repairs and air conditioning repairs in Brendale, providing expert knowledge and skills so you are confident that your car cooling system is in top condition.

Brendale Certified Radiator Repair and Air Conditioning Maintenance Professionals

Natrad Brendale provides specialist radiator repairs and auto air repairs, replacement and maintenance for vehicles of all sizes. We offer services such as Air Conditioning Service & Brendale Radiator Repair, Cooling System Repairs, Radiator Flush Cleanout, Cooling System Inspection, Pressure Testing and Fabrication. Our experts can check your Brendale radiator repairs or air conditioning to make sure they are running properly, and identify any issues we encounter in Brendale. Once we know what the problem is, we’ll talk to you about what we need to do to fix it in Brendale. All our radiator repairs and replacement services are geared towards ensuring your vehicle’s cooling system is in peak condition in Brendale, which means your engine is protected against damage. Natrad’s Brendale radiator repairs specialist can service or repair your air conditioning in Brendale so that it is working at its best, keeping you and your car interior comfortable throughout the summer months.

The radiator repairs in Brendale are the essential part of your vehicle, helping to maintain engine performance, support your transmission, increase the overall longevity of your engine and assist in lowering fuel emissions. At Natrad Brendale, we stand by our specialist service and quality products with all radiator repairs, replacement and maintenance backed up by our 3-year nationwide warranty. We provide personal, professional and quality service. All our staff are fully trained technicians of radiator repairs in Brendale, with an average of 10 years industry service. We not just offer Brendale radiator repairs, we also have some special offer or promotions to give you a little extra encouragement. From time to time, we’ll display information about various promotions and special offers on our website. Simply download and print out the offer and take it your nearest Natrad Brendale for radiator repairs.

Don’t risk your comfort or safety in Brendale. Contact your nearest Brendale radiator repairs specialist in today on 07 3205 2969 and take advantage of our quality advice, service and repairs.

Brendale Radiator Repairs
Natrad Brendale
(07) 3205 2969 Brendale

Premium Radiator Repair and Services Brendale Radiator Repairs

Servicing Suburbs

  • How many years do you offer warranty for your Brendale radiator repairs?

    Natrad Brendale is the only network of radiator repairs and replacement specialists that can provide a true, manufacturer-supported 3-year nationwide warranty. When you have your radiator replaced or re-cored at any Natrad store, you will receive a warranty registration card.Twelve months after your initial purchase you’ll receive a friendly service reminder that it’s time to have your free cooling system check. Following this check, your warranty is then validated for the next 12 month period. Twelve months later (two years after your radiator purchase), you will again receive a service reminder to have your cooling system serviced. This will validate your warranty for the third and final year. During servicing, the Natrad technician will inspect all components of the cooling system for possible wear and tear, and advise you of any problems needing attention.

  • Do you give special offers or discount?

    Natrad Brendalehas website visitors who are invited to download this coupon, giving a discount of 10% off the normal cost of parts fitted to your vehicle. Get 10% Discount Coupon now.

  • How to contact you?

    So, Nip into Natrad Brendale today! Call us on 131 723 or find your closest Natrad store using the online store locator below, or you can simply visit our website for more information.

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