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Lake Cootharaba Sailing Club

Yacht Clubs - Boreen Point, QLD 4565

One of the Most Preferred Yacht Clubs in Boreen Point

ABN: 30 624 557 096

24 Boreen Parade , Boreen Point, QLD 4565

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All About Us

  • Established in 1946

  • Member-Operated Yacht Club in Boreen Point

  • One of the Best Boreen Point Family-Friendly Yacht Clubs

Established in 1946

Lake Cootharaba Sailing Club is among the most sought-after yacht clubs in Boreen Point. Because of its perfect location on a large salt water lake in Sunshine Coast, this yacht club offers truly amazing views all-year-round.

Most Friendly Yacht Club in Boreen Point

Established on February 1946, they now boast being sponsored by a number of local Boreen Point companies including Clear Hearing, Noosa Council, and Coffee Tribe. This Boreen Point yacht club is owned and operated solely by its dedicated and hardworking members. For many years, these volunteers have been ensuring that their Boreen Point yacht club runs efficiently and smoothly.

Lake Cootharaba Sailing Club is an active Boreen Point yacht club that conducts annual regattas for their members in and around Boreen Point. Among these regattas are Allboats Regatta, which is held in August, the Cat Challenge in November, and MonoMasters during December. This yacht club also hosts other National and State Championships for a number of class associations around Boreen Point.

This yacht club in Boreen Point is also known to conduct an Easter Regatta, which is usually the best part of their sailing seasoned which is held prior to the winter recess. Lake Cootharaba Sailing Club also hosts weekly club racing throughout the season. This yacht club has a variety of weekly club racing classes such as trailer sailers, monohulls, and catamarans. Each Sunday morning, this trusted Boreen Point yacht club also provides beginner courses to aspiring sailors throughout Boreen Point.

Being a widely recognised yacht club in Boreen Point for its excellent venue for small boar sailing, Lake Cootharaba Sailing Club welcomes a number of guests from all over the country and the world.

This yacht club aims to provide their Boreen Point members with a world-class and safe and family-friendly sailing competition. They enjoy welcoming regular tourists as well as dear members into their yacht club during and even when it’s off season.

This member-owned and member-operated yacht club in Boreen Point, offers accommodation for rent to their guests. Although there are only a limited number of local houses that a guest can rent, the Noosa resort area is conveniently located within a thirty-minute car ride. Truthfully, this Boreen Point yacht club sis perfect for a nice weekend out with the family—to enjoy its warm and salty sea breeze as well as bathe in its pristine and calm waters.

If and when you decide to join our family-friendly yacht club in Boreen Point, you may directly call our very accommodating staff on 07 5485 3352. On the other hand, you may also opt to visit our website or shoot us an email so we can assist all your queries.

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Lake Cootharaba Sailing Club
07 5485 3352 Boreen Point

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Servicing Suburbs

Q and A

  • How can we reach your yacht club staff in Boreen Point?

    If you're planning on visiting our yacht club in Boreen Point, you simply just have to go to 24 Boreen Parade. Lake Cootharaba Sailing Club is a very family-friendly yacht club that aims to strengthen the sailing industry in Boreen Point. For more details about our club, visit our website or shoot us an email at the address provided in this post.

  • Why should we choose your yacht club over many others around Boreen Point?

    Lake Catharooba Sailing Club has a team of friendly members and staff who are committed to providing a friendly, safe, and world-class sailing competition to members throughout Boreen Point. We are an active Boreen Point yacht club who host a number of renowned sailing competitions throughout the country.

  • What other perks do you give your members?

    If you decide to join Lake Catharooba Sailing Club in Boreen Point, you will be given the member-exclusive, free beginner sailing course. Our yacht club is among the few sailing clubs in Boreen Point who provide this for this clients. In addition, you would also have the chance to join sailing competitions of varying classes all throughout the season. Get a more detailed idea on our member's perks when you visit our website. You may also contact us directly on 07 5485 3352.

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