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StartPoint Counselling

Partner Marriage Counselling - Beenleigh, QLD 4207

ABN: 51 139 874 693

3/94 George Street, Beenleigh, QLD 4207

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About Us

    Most people never been shown what it takes to have a successful relationship or a successful family. We somehow just assume it happens.

    Where you currently are in life is an accumulation of your beliefs developed over the course of your life. If you don't understand what these beliefs are and how they drive your life, then you see the impact of them, but have no idea what to do about the situations which constantly develop.

    Without this knowledge you cannot change the quality of your relationships. StartPoint counselling takes an extremely practical approach to achieving the changes that you're looking for in your relationships.

    Our counselling takes a no-nonsense approach. There is no fluff, and no endless talking in circles waiting for someone to have a light bulb moment.

    Our goal is results, and when we say results we am not talking about a warm and fuzzy feeling (but if you get that that's great) but we are talking about results that you can see as your relationships are transformed.

    Our counselling is about transferring skills to you so that you can manage the situations in your life without having to constantly rely on us. Quite frankly our job is to do ourselves out of a job.

    To us counselling is not about

    1. Assigning blame
    2. Finding fault
    3. Judging people for their actions
    4. Or telling you what to do

    Counselling is about

    1. Understanding your world through your eyes noting how you see things, what they mean to you and how you react to them
    2. Finding solutions that work for you within your framework

    We want you to be comfortable with our services and so we offer a 15 minute complimentary phone call to discuss your situation and how we can be of assistance. To make a time to take advantage of this offer, please call (07) 3458 1725.

    Products and Services


    Abuse, Anger Management, Anxiety, Assertiveness, Change, Confidence, Depression, Drugs, Gambling, Goal Setting, Illness, Intimacy, Isolation, Marriage, Pain, Parenting, Parenting Skills, Pre-Marriage, Problem Solving, Relationships, Separation, Stress, Trauma, Relationship Issues (Heterosexual or LGBTI)


    Conflict Resolution, Marriage Counselling, Mediation, Relationship Counselling

    Catering To

    Couples, Families, Groups, Individuals, Men, Women




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    Servicing Suburbs

    • How many sessions will I need?

      It’s hard to respond to this question without having seen the client. After the first session, an estimate can be made. Progress is reviewed after four sessions.

    • Do you do telephone or online counselling?

      Yes, phone and online counselling are available.

    • What experience will the counsellor have in dealing with my issue?

      Our counsellors specialise in the areas in which they are skilled. Depending on what issues you want to work on, you will be directed to the appropriate counsellor.

    • I am worried about having to open up to a stranger. What do I do?

      Don’t worry, our counsellors are warm and friendly and understand that you will be anxious about your first session.

    • What about confidentiality? Your confidentiality is assured. There are only a couple exceptions in extraordinary circumstances such as a court order mandating release of client notes.

      Your confidentiality is assured. There are only a couple exceptions in extraordinary circumstances such as a court order mandating release of client notes.

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