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About Us

  • Amazing Basketball Club Facilities and Environment in Arana Hills

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Amazing Basketball Club Facilities and Environment in Arana Hills

The North Brisbane Basketball Association Inc. has its roots in 1967 where the Brisbane Basketball Club was founded in Arana Hills. Since our inception as a basketball club in Arana Hills, we've helped grow the talents and skills of our members from various suburbs of Brisbane. Fast forward to the present and our history is proudly recognized by other basketball clubs in Arana Hills through our annual perpetual age trophies awarded to the Most Valuable Player in Under 12s to Under 20s and GBL teams.

Since our establishment in Arana Hills as a basketball club in 1967, we have collaborated with several other clubs. One such allegiance included the West Mitchelton Football Club where we once adopted the West Michelton name. Lacking a physical location of our own the basketball club shared a building with the football club in Arana Hills. It wasn't until later our basketball club received a permanent home in Arana Hills through fundraisers which allowed the construction of an external concrete court within the West Mitchelton ground. Our Arana Hills basketball club continued using the West Mitchelton name until we were incorporated as the North Brisbane Basketball Association.  

The strength of our club during those formative years is still felt strongly today with some our basketball members and Arana Hills locals still referring to the club as "West Mitchie".  It wasn't until a more recent agreement in 2002 which involved the Hills District PCYC in Arana Hills gave the baseball club a permanent home clubhouse and access to the PCYC network for intra-club tournaments which also provided our basketball club juniors in Arana Hills a safe and secure training environment.

The rich history which we have with the Arana Hills basketball club community and the residents has made it possible for us to exist today and share our passion and love for the sport. We are always grateful for the challenges we faced in the past as a small Arana Hills basketball club as it helped us create a strong foundation yet remain humble at the same time.

We are continually growing in number within the Arana Hills basketball club scene. Our Arana Hills basketball club members are always welcoming new juniors into the ranks of the Dragons and hope that you'll consider making our basketball club in Arana Hills your second home, where you can learn, master, and be with one of Arana Hills's best basketball clubs.

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North Brisbane Basketball Association Inc.
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Home of the Dragons

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  • Is a registration fee needed for joining the basketball club in Arana Hills?

    Yes, the North Brisbane Basketball Association a member of the PCYC which requires an annual registration fee to be able to compete in tournaments and intra-club training sessions and activities between registered basketball clubs in Arana Hills. If you wish to learn more information regarding the registration fee, please don't hesitate to contact our support team. 

  • What special training is given to young basketball club members in Arana Hills?

    Our young basketball club members in Arana Hills are catered for our innovative and successful Aussie Hoops Aussie Hoops B.L.A.S.T.™ 6eleven FUNdamental skills training program which is held on Saturdays at our clubhouse. In addition, we also provide specialist skills training through our B.L.A.S.T.™program which is open to all basketball club members in order to advance their game changing skills.

  • Who oversees club performance and activities?

    Our basketball club is cared by Arana Hills volunteers, both of our management and coaching are conducted by volunteers who give their time freely to help foster the sport to grow. In addition, the hills district PCYC provides membership and activity fee incentives for our volunteers.

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