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Townsville Junior Basketball Inc.

Basketball Clubs - Annandale, QLD 4814

Highly Acclaimed Basketball Club in Annandale

ABN: 97 454 689 052

Murray Sports Complex Murray Lyons Crs, Annandale, QLD 4814

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About Us

  • Fun-filled Basketball Club Activities for Annandale Junior Players

  • Comprehensive Basketball Training and Development Programs

  • Highly-qualified and Experienced Basketball Coaches

  • Impressive Annandale Host for Numerous Junior Basketball Club Events

  • Great Sports Arena Equipped with Modern Facilities

  • Exciting Basketball Clinics and Training Camps for Juniors

Fun-filled Basketball Club Activities for Annandale Junior Players

Playing a sport not only gives one a chance to enjoy his passion and enhance his sports skills but it is also a platform for personality development. Not to mention, one gets to expand his network of sports buddies as well. That is why it is vital that an athlete join a sports club. For players and wannabes who are into the sports of basketball here in Annandale, the highly recommended basketball club is the Townsville Junior Basketball Inc.

Praiseworthy Basketball Record for Juniors League Around Annandale

Townsville Junior Basketball Inc. has been promoting and supporting basketball for years now. Accessibly situated in Annandale, our basketball club has been the home of numerous junior basketball players. Our commendable basketball club has been honing and moulding a lot of Annandale junior players in the field of basketball. We provide loads of opportunities for skills and personality development through various basketball club events all over Annandale. Our basketball club offers fun-filled Annandale basketball clinics and development camps. Moreover, we take pride in our junior basketball players who are star players in their own right. Our basketball club has been impressively participating in scores of Annandale basketball fun games, vying tournaments and challenging basketball competitions. Proudly, our basketball club members here in Annandale never fail to give out outstanding game performances.

Our basketball club speaks highly of our Annandale exceptional coaches. We have highly qualified and experienced basketball coaches in Annandale who has been giving our junior basketball club praiseworthy merits. They have been giving out comprehensive basketball training for our junior basketball players. Our junior basketball club members owe so much of their skills development and game discipline from our excellent Annandale basketball coaches.

Townsville Junior Basketball Inc. always makes sure that our basketball club members here in Annandale get the comfort and convenience that they deserve. That is why our Annandale basketball club is equipped with modern facilities and amenities. To boot, our basketball club has been a great sports venue for several Annandale sporting events and club activities.

Be a part of our junior basketball club family here in Annandale. Get the ultimate junior basketball club experience in Annandale by being our club member. Call Townsville Junior Basketball Inc. at 07 4778 2219 for registration details.

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Townsville Junior Basketball Inc.
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  • Why should I join your basketball club for Annandale junior players?

    Townsville Junior Basketball Inc. swears of a lot of opportunities for junior basketball club members around Annandale. We have comprehensive training and development programs when it comes to basketball. Moreover, we also have basketball clinics and sports camps for our juniors. Surely our junior players will fully develop their sports skills, achieve personal growth and expand their network of friends.

  • Do you also accept girls as members of your prominent basketball club?

    Yes, Townsville Junior Basketball Inc. is open to both boys and girls around Annandale. Our basketball club promotes and supports Annandale junior basketball players by providing them quality training, sports activities, competitions and a lot of opportunities.

  • How I can become a basketball club member of Townsville Junior Basketball Inc.?

    To become a part of Townsville Junior Basketball Inc., you can call our basketball club here in Annandale at 07 4778 2219 for registration details. Indeed, you will experience a first-rate basketball club feel.

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