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PO Box 292, Alderley, QLD 4051

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Alderley Bird Club

Welcome to our Alderley bird club site. Australian Roller Canary Society is located in PO Box 292 Alderley, QLD Alderley bird club is made up of bird breeders, pet owners, people that like to show their birds and those that just like birds in general and want a learning will find our Alderley bird club to many different types of birds as this is a mixed Alderley bird club. The aim of the bird club of Australian Roller Canary Society is to encourage an interest in birds of the Alderley area and their conservation to promote the work of regional bird and nature societies, to collate and publish information on birds in the area of Alderley.

The mission of the Alderley bird club of Australian Roller Canary Society is to conserve birds in the area of Alderley by providing leadership in bird conservation science and education, and by maintaining Australian Roller Canary Society as a model bird club in Alderley, research and education facility. Our Alderley bird club has many photographers, artists and writers who contribute their work to Australian Roller Canary Society publications.

Our bird club in Alderley is here to promote the caring, breeding and keeping of all birds and establish interest and to educate the Alderley bird club members of Australian Roller Canary Society and the general public in the proper care and keeping of birds. Our Alderley bird club also collect and make available any scientific knowledge on the breeding, care and the improvement of any species of the birds in Alderley.

No matter where your interests lie, our bird club in Alderley is confident that you will find our meetings are a great place to expand your knowledge while spending time with others who share your interest birds. The Alderley bird club members of Australian Roller Canary Society include new and experienced breeders and bird owners. Whether you are interested in breeding rare or endangered birds or adopting a bird, the Alderley bird club of Australian Roller Canary Society has something for you! Why not come out to a meeting and see what our Alderley bird club is all about!

Alderley Bird Club
Australian Roller Canary Society
0417 340 367 Alderley

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  • Do you also provide preservation activities?

    The Alderley Bird Club of Australian Roller Canary Society is a local club of birdwatchers interested in birds and as well as the preservation of birds. In our club, we provide a supporting environment in which its members can communicate and learn from each other, our activities and resources.

  • Can I participate on your bird club activities in Alderley?

    Participate in wonderful bird outings, camps, local and international, and social events of our Alderley bird club. Enjoy opportunities to visit birding localities often not accessible to the general public. You can also learn about field identification, bird habitats and behaviour, migration and much more at evening meetings and courses and during field trips. Australian Roller Canary Society welcome all aspiring members.

  • How to contact you?

    You can contact Australian Roller Canary Society at 0417 340 367 for more information and details about our bird club in Alderley. Our friendly staff are more than happy to assist you and answer all of your questions about birds. We look forward to hearing from you.

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