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Whitsunday Sailing Club Ltd

Yacht Clubs - Airlie Beach, QLD 4802

Airlie Pt, Airlie Beach, QLD 4802

  • awards Among the Best Kid Friendly Yacht Clubs in Airlie Beach
  • awards Yacht Club That Offers The Best View in Airlie Beach
  • awards Highly Competitive Yet Friendly Members
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Who we are

  • One of Airlie Beach Yacht Clubs With First Class Facilities

  • Airlie Beach Yacht Clubs With Relaxing Atmosphere

  • Offers Recreational and Racing Sailing

  • Fun and Engaging Social Events for Members

One of Airlie Beach Yacht Clubs With First Class Facilities

Yacht Club That Offers The Best View in Airlie Beach

Products and Services




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Servicing Suburbs


  • Do you offer training programs?

    Yes, we do. Whitsunday Sailing Club Ltd takes great pride in being among the most reliable yacht clubs in Airlie Beach that offer adult and junior sailing programs. For more information about this, give our friendly staff a call on 07 4946 6138.

  • What are the major tournaments that you host?

    Whitsunday Sailing Club Ltd is famous for being the host of Airlie Beach Race Week and the Great Whitsunday Fun Race. We are also one of the most preferred yacht clubs in Airlie Beach that host numerous social gatherings for our dear members.

  • Why are you the best choice in yacht clubs around Airlie Beach?

    Whitsunday Sailing Club Ltd understands the importance of friendship and family. This the reason why we are one of the best yacht clubs in Airlie Beach. We value family-oriented principles and strive to be the most kid-friendly yacht club in Airlie Beach. Children dine in our club for free.

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