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Satellite City BMX Club

Bicycle Clubs - Palmerston, NT 830

Marlow Lagoon, Palmerston, NT 830

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About Us

  • Recommended Palmerston Bicycle Club

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Recommended Palmerston Bicycle Club

Highly Regarded Palmerston Bicycle Club

Servicing Suburbs

  • What are the perks of Satellite City BMX Club Palmerston bicycle club membership?

    Our Palmerston bicycle club goes the extra mile in making sure that everyone who wishes to learn and master riding is given the chance to do so. We can teach and we appreciate all kind of learners.

  • How do you participate in fitness programs?

    Our Palmerston bicycle club caters for the social and fitness orientated cyclist interested in training and racing in a friendly and supportive environment. Children and teenagers can participate in training and racing organised specifically for juniors and supervised by qualified coaches.

  • How can we contact you?

    You can call Satellite City BMX Club at 0401 473 664. You can also send an email to our bicycle club near Palmerston at We are looking forward to assisting you.

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