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Gove Yacht Club Incorporated

Yacht Clubs - Gunyangara, NT 0880

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ABN: 92 804 998 850

Drimmie Head Road, Gunyangara, NT 0880

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About Us

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Fully Equipped Gunyangara Yacht Clubs

Are you in search for an Gunyangara Yacht Clubs who can provide you enjoyment as well as skills? Search no further because at Gove Yacht Club Incorporated you will find the best Gunyangara Yacht Clubs – here you will get tutorials, vacation, relaxation and races where you will definitely enjoy. This is also a great Yacht Clubs in Gunyangara because it provides assistance to different charities, which is a good way to give back to people.

Most Awarded Yacht Clubs in Gunyangara

What this Gunyangara Yacht Clubs can offer are activities that can help you become better – careening poles, for one. When doing sailing lessons you can rest assured that this Yacht Clubs in Gunyangara is fully certified and has highly trained sailors to ensure the safety of everyone who wants to sail. For those who want to chill out after a long day in the Gunyangara Yacht Clubs they can enjoy a few drinks and lounge in the licensed bar of the place. Even for those who need to fill their stomach would be happy to know that the Gunyangara Yacht Clubs have many meals available for the hungry ones. It is also a big plus that this is one of the few Gunyangara Yacht Clubs who offer free BBQ’s under the palms in the beach. Most sailors stay here and enjoy the bbq that has been prepared by the Yacht Clubs Gunyangara.

If you went out for a sail, then no worry about how to change to dry clothes because the Yacht Clubs in Gunyangara has prepared hot showers for you to get your stress out and replace it with positivity. Your clothes can also be dried as the Yacht Clubs in Gunyangara has washing machines and dryers available.

If you like food, this Yacht Clubs in Gunyangara is heavy on them as they have many shops who offer different delicacies and heavy meals. You will definitely love staying in this Yacht Clubs in Gunyangara as not only will you sail, but you will also enjoy food at its finest – no other Yacht Clubs in Gunyangara can compare to their food. Call today and let the strong team of sailors at Yacht Clubs in Gunyangara talk to you about the club and how to be a member!

Gunyangara Yacht Clubs
Gove Yacht Club Incorporated
(08) 8987 3077 Gunyangara

Yacht Racing Gunyangara Yacht Clubs

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Servicing Suburbs

  • What charities does your Yacht Clubs in Gunyangara support?

    We want to provide support in any way that we can that is why our Gunyangara Yacht Clubs has a few charities like Lions Club, Assembly of God Church, Rotary Club and Roman Catholic Church.

  • How can we best reach you?

    You can call us at (08) 8987 3077 where we are always standing by to hear questions and inquiries about our Gunyangara Yacht Clubs. We would love to hear from you today!

  • What amenities do you have?

    By providing our members with high class amenities do we get to keep them and make sure they get a good time! Our Gunyangara Yacht Clubs has a licensed bar, many shops for different offerings of food, hot showers and washing machine and dryers, among many others.

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