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Badminton Court - Wickham, NSW 2293

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Albert St, Wickham, NSW 2293

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Customer Oriented Staff

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Satisfaction Guaranteed Wickham Badminton Court Wickham

Satisfaction Guaranteed Wickham Badminton Court

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Customer Oriented Staff

Badminton is Australia’s most popular racket sport. While tennis hogs most of the limelight on TV, it is badminton which takes the gold medal when it comes to the number of participants, so why not join in yourself and hire a badminton court in Wickham? Many believe that much of badminton’s popularity is down to how accessible a badminton court in Wickham, with beginners quickly able to establish a rally, making it an extremely gratifying sport from the off. It’s also a sport that can accommodate all age groups, so if you’re an older person who has never picked up a badminton racket, don’t write it off just yet play in our badminton court in Wickham and we are sure you will enjoy our amenities and facilities.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

All you need to do is search out our Wickham badminton court and in no time you will have a host of a great badminton court in Wickham. If there are two of you who are skilled in the sport, you’re good to go ahead and simply hire our badminton court in Wickham. If you’re new to the sport, however, you’re best off looking into how you can receive coaching, which may also offer you the chance to meet a similarly-skilled badminton buddy in our Wickham badminton court by Badminton Hunter.

If you have a competitive streak, having played badminton for a little while, consider finding a league to play, where you can put your skills to the test, or why not set up your own mini league at Wickham badminton court. Our badminton court in Wickham places a large emphasis on putting fun into learning badminton and caters for all playing standards. Whether you are a beginner or at county standard, our badminton court in Wickham will certainly have something for you.

What are the benefits of playing in our badminton court in Wickham?
Improves reflexes, intelligence and productivity
Likely to put you in a good mood as it’s a social activity
Reduces stress and anxiety
Easy to adopt

On top of everything else, playing in our Wickham badminton court is just great fun and helps you build up quite a sweat. Our Wickham badminton court staff all know the importance of staying fit and healthy. All you need is comfortable clothing and shoes to run around in. Organisers will provide anything else you might need, but if you’re hiring our Wickham badminton court you’ll probably need to have your own racquet and shuttlecock.

Wickham Badminton Court
Badminton Hunter
02 4961 6535 Wickham

Satisfaction Guaranteed Wickham Badminton Court

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  • What is the standard of the players?

    The standard of our players is at the intermediate level. However, in order to make sure that everyone gets a good game at their own level, new members in our Wickham badminton court normally come along as visitors initially. This is for the new member to decide whether the standard is right for them and for the club to decide whether they will fit in with the club standards.

  • Why start playing badminton?

    Whatever standard you currently play, by picking up a racket you will enjoy the health benefits of playing badminton, which include Weight loss, Muscle toning, Mood enhancer, Reduces blood pressure and Reduces blood sugar levels. An hour’s worth in our badminton court, you can play and can decrease blood sugar levels. That’s because it decreases the overall production of sugar by the liver, thus making you less susceptible to diseases.

  • How to contact Wickham badminton court?

    You can contact our Badminton Hunter at 02 4961 6535 for more information and details about our badminton court. Our prompt and reliable staff are more than happy to discuss to you the benefits and amenities of our badminton court in Wickham. We look forward to hearing from you.

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