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Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym

Rock Climbing Centres - Villawood, NSW 2163

Villawood Dependable Rock Climbing Centres

ABN: 53 056 837 784

5/850 Woodville Rd, Villawood, NSW 2163

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Villawood Rock Climbing Centres

Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym has a gym in Villawood that has more consistently high walls. Our Villawood team strive to create a rock climbing gym which will set a new standard. The gym based in Villawood near the railway flyover and near Villawood railway station. Sydney Indoor Climbing has over 15 meters high rock climbing that will enjoy Villawood clients.

Villawood Reliable Rock Climbing Centres

The Villawood gym is owned by three owners of SICG/St Peters, Mike Garden, Simon Stevens, and Tony Meer. Added to these is Tim (Kip) Newing, Neil Lasker and David Stone. Neil was one of the original owners of SICG at Summer Hill. Their passion is rock climbing. Our Villawood team has great skills in rock climbing for years.

at Villawood Sydney Indoor Climbing, we have two towers for rock climbing with lots of lead climbing on steep faces, aretes, roofs, and surrounding walls will have top ropes, including an international standard speed wall, and lots of variety.

Aside from rock climbing, we also have bouldering, kids' activities, party areas and a rock climbing gear shop at our Villawood gym.

2200 square metres of walls to 15m, average 14m
80 Top ropes
22m of high Boulder walls
2 Auto Belay
More lead than any other gym in Australia with less overlap
3 Party rooms

-Casual Visits

at Villawood Sydney Indoor Climbing, you can do rock climbing for as long as you like. Bring a partner, or meet someone new. If coming by yourself you can also have a boulder all use the auto belays. Safety induction for beginners to get you started. The first Tuesday night of the month is 'meet a new partner' night.


You'll need a rock climbing harness - bring your own or hire one here. Optional rock climbing shoes and chalk bags are also available for hire.

-Birthday Parties

Villawood Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym do birthday party here - see more information on your party page


Group discounts are available if you book in advance. Minimum group size is 10. Even greater discounts are available for regular bookings.

Great for youth groups and scouts.

For all groups, Villawood Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym provides a free safety lesson for rock climbing including how to belay (hold the rope to safeguard the climber). Groups including under 12-year-olds need to bring adults or over 12's to belay the younger climbers - 12 is our minimum age for belaying

Booking should be made as far in advance as possible.


One-off or regular booking are available. Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym in Villawoodhave school here for school sport during the term, with a special low price, and for special occasions such as end-of-term excursions. The teacher should help supervise the students while they are at the rock climbing gym.

-Corporate Groups

Indoor rock climbing is great team building exercise. Villawood Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym can even organise team competitions or other activities. Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym in Villawood has shower & changing facilities so you can be back at the office to work.

Please call our Villawood expert on 02 9728 2825 for any rock climbing inquiry.

Villawood Rock Climbing
Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym
02 9728 2825 Villawood

Villawood Rock Climbing

Products and Services


Ascenders, Belay Gloves, Bouldering Mats, Carabiners, Footwear,, Harnesses, Helmets, Quickdraws, Rappel Devices






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Servicing Suburbs

  • Is your rock climbing safe?

    Rock Climbing, as with any sport, has a potential for injury. To ensure a safe and controlled environment, the Rockhouse maintains a high level of safety and instruction, with modern gear, and qualified and experienced Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym Villawood staff.

  • Do I need any instruction before I can climb?

    All climbers and belayers will undergo introductory instruction from our qualified rock climbing Villawood staff. Children under the age of 13 need to be accompanied by an adult. For more information please call Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym on 02 9728 2825.

  • What is the best way to contact you?

    The best way to contact us for a rock climbing experience is by giving Villawood Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym a call on 02 9939 4598.

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