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Environmental Organisations Ultimo

WWF Environmental Organisations Ultimo are passionate and dedicated people that have a long and proud history. Our Environmental Organisations Ultimo has built a reputation for being the leading voice for nature for more than half a century, working in 100 countries on six continents with the help of over five million supporters. Our Environmental Organisations in Ultimo are committed to delivering satisfying service in the community. Our Ultimo environmental organisation team are dedicated to working across four priority areas - marine, species, food and climate.

7th Largest Member

Our environmental organisation, WWF Ultimo are committed with our goal in addressing a range pressing environmental issues. Our Ultimo environmental organisation partnered with partners with governments, businesses, communities and individuals. WWF environmental organisation work is founded on science, our reach is international and our mission is exact – to create the world where people live and prosper in harmony with nature in Ultimo. WWF’s environmental organisation Ultimo vision of the world where humans live and prosper with nature is increasingly one shared by people around the world.

Ultimo WWF environmental organisation has a year of service experience, and understand that our planet’s species, people, habitats, governments and global markets are directly, and often delicately, interconnected. Our Ultimo environmental organisation strives to conserve biodiversity in Australia and throughout the Oceania region. It's a big task and not one we can tackle alone, But together we can. Working hand in hand, our environmental organisation can reduce threats to life on Earth and conserve nature. Our Ultimo environmental organisation WWF is made up of dedicated and passionate people on saving the species and places we love. Our Ultimo environmental organisation are passionate with our commitment to help nature.

For more information about WWF Environmental Organisations, call our Ultimo team on 02 9281 5515.

Ultimo Environmental Organisations
WWF Australia
02 9281 5515 Ultimo

Wildlife Protection | Ultimo Conservation Environmental Organisations

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  • Does WWF work on animal welfare issues?

    Ultimo WWF works to conserve endangered species, protect endangered places, and address global threats to the planet, such as climate change. While a lot of our work is protecting endangered animals in the wild – including tiger, orang-utan, marine turtle, rock-wallaby, dugong, snubfin dolphin – our expertise is not in dealing with issues relating to animals in captivity. While animal welfare is outside our expertise and our legally-binding constitution, we’re constantly striving to build the world in which humans live in harmony with nature. For information about animal welfare issues, we suggest that you contact environmental organisations such as HSI (the Humane Society International), World Animal Protection (formerly WSPA), or the RSPCA (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), which campaign to end captive animal abuse.

  • What do the initials WWF environmental organisations stand for now and when did they change

    When it was founded in 1961, Ultimo WWF stood for the ‘World Wildlife Fund’. As the environmental organisations grew throughout the 70s and 80s, WWF began to expand its work to conserve the environment as a whole (reflecting the interdependence of all living things), rather than just focussing on species. In 1986, WWF realised that the name no longer reflected the scope of our activities, so we changed our name to ‘World Wide Fund for Nature’ in all countries except the United States and Canada. The resulting confusion and translation discrepancies across more than 15 languages led to the decision, in 2001, to adopt the original acronym – WWF - as our one, global name.

  • Who is WWF - Australia's President?

    Robert Purves, AM, BCom is President and has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2010. He is also former President of Ultimo WWF-Australia and former Board Member of environmental organisations WWF International.

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