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Newcastle Junior Baseball League

Newcastle Junior Baseball League

Baseball Clubs - Thornton, NSW 2322

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The baseball club of Newcastle Junior Baseball League prides itself on providing a friendly, welcoming environment for all junior and senior players including their family and friends. Once you experience the Thornton Baseball Club of Newcastle Junior Baseball League, there's no turning back. The Thornton baseball club of Newcastle Junior Baseball League is an organization that focuses on player development, solid baseball fundamentals, mechanics, and players’ personal growth. In addition, our Thornton baseball club's mission is to provide opportunities and exposure competing at the highest levels of youth baseball, while instilling discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, character, honesty and integrity under the right mentoring and leadership.

Trusted and Reliable Coaches

Our Thornton Baseball Club strives to promote and develop good sportsmanship. While all players and coaches will conduct themselves in a professional manner on and off the field, the Thornton baseball club do have a mandatory code of conduct policy wherein All Thornton baseball club players and parents are to read, sign and abide by the code of conduct contract while representing the Thornton baseball club of Newcastle Junior Baseball League at practices, games, or other team related events.

The Thornton baseball club of Newcastle Junior Baseball League is proud of the inclusive ethos of our Thornton baseball club. Boys and girls are equally welcome and our Thornton baseball club has had female players at every level. Thousands of local young people in Thornton have taken part in our baseball club's outreach and holiday sessions and many of them have gone on to join the Thornton baseball club and become skilled players.

Our baseball club in Thornton also draws support and players from a wider area and from those new to Thornton who already love the games of baseball. Players, coaches and volunteers from the area of Thornton have always been an important part of the Thornton baseball club and contribute to its unique atmosphere. We find that many young players new to the Thornton are helped to settle by joining the Thornton baseball club and playing alongside teammates.

Thornton Baseball Clubs
Newcastle Junior Baseball League
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  • Why choose the Thornton baseball club of Newcastle Junior Baseball League?

    We aim to provide the highest level of baseball coaching available in the Thornton. Many of our baseball club coaches have played at a college level or above and all are qualified and checked. Many of our adult players, some of the best players in the Thornton, are involved in coaching. The club has a strong emphasis on youth sports and community involvement and has strong links with local schools and other organisations.

  • What is your goal?

    The goal of Newcastle Junior Baseball League is to provide quality leadership and instruction to youth baseball players and to prepare them for the next level of play. Our baseball club in Thornton provide a lower cost alternative to expensive clubs, yet provide the same quality instruction and environment at all levels of play.

  • How to contact you?

    You can contact the Thornton baseball club of Newcastle Junior Baseball League for more information and details about our baseball club. We can provide a free tour for you to check the amenities and services of our club. We look forward to hearing from you.

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