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Lawn Cutting & Garden Maintenance - Tamworth, NSW 2340

Tamworth Specialists in Lawn Cutting and Garden Maintenance

ABN: 80 565 592 205

Tamworth, Tamworth, NSW 2340

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Expert Workmanship Tamworth

Expert Workmanship

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Satisfaction Guaranteed Tamworth Lawn Cutting and Garden Maintenance Tamworth

Satisfaction Guaranteed Tamworth Lawn Cutting and Garden Maintenance

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All About Us

  • Tamworth Experts in Lawn Cutting

  • Wide Array of Garden Maintenance Services Tamworth Wide

  • High-grade Lawn Cutting and Garden Maintenance Equipment

  • Fast and Reliable Lawn and Garden Care

Tamworth Experts in Lawn Cutting

Experience the Best Lawn Cutting Service From the Tamworth Experts

Top Quality Service

When it comes to impressive garden maintenance in Tamworth, the best choice for quality is Mowcare. Mowcare is here in Tamworth to create quality products for lawn cutting that will improve the lives of our customers and our communities. We aim for the efficiency of our lawn cutting services Tamworth wide. That is why we increased the durability and longevity of our products and equipment. We are dedicated to the research of advanced technologies for our garden maintenance services in Tamworth that set the benchmark for the industry.

Get to Know Us – Lawn Cutting Specialists in Tamworth

Mowcare of Tamworth is best known for our advanced equipment used for lawn cutting. Our extensive product range for garden maintenance is renowned for its high performance, durability and reliability, and is specifically engineered to excel in tough and diverse conditions in Tamworth. We are committed to protecting our environment and has invested in advanced technologies. We make sure to offer our Tamworth clients with garden maintenance equipment that provides powerful performance while reducing emissions.

Our Quality Services

Offering high performance and exceptional reliability, Mowcare provides a wide range of residential services that are engineered to reduce workloads and increase productivity. With Mowcare, lawn cutting in Tamworth is no longer a chore but a pleasure. We have the premium lawn cutting equipment designed for superior comfort and exceptional power to tackle even the most demanding jobs in Tamworth. We cater to the following needs:

• Lawn Mowing
• Slashing and Hedging
• Weed Control
• Trimming and Pruning
• Garden Cleanup
• Fertilising
• All Sorts of Garden Maintenance in Tamworth

Our Workforce – Adept Lawn Cutting Technicians in Tamworth

Mowcare is here to answer your lawn cutting needs anywhere in Tamworth. At Mowcare, we believe that our skilled and well-trained Tamworth workers are our greatest asset in garden maintenance. Each employee contributes directly to our growth and success and takes great pride in being a member of our team. We want our services to be challenging, enjoyable and rewarding. That’s why we do everything we can to help our employees achieve their career goals and grow and succeed both as employees and as people.

Give Your Lawns the Best Lawn Care Now

If you want to simply keep your Tamworth property in top shape, Mowcare has the garden maintenance products, experience and support. Give us a call on 0422 095 698 to experience incomparable garden maintenance services Tamworth wide.

Tamworth Lawn Cutting and Garden Maintenance
0422 095 698 Tamworth

Satisfaction Guaranteed Tamworth Lawn Cutting and Garden Maintenance

Products and Services


Broad Acreage, Cylinder Mowing, Large Areas, Licensed Herbicide Applicator, Open Spaces, Small Areas


Advice, Aeration, Cuttings Removal, Dethatching, Edging, Fertilising, Garden Maintenance, Hedge Trimming, Hedging, Lawn Cutting, Lawn Trimming, Pruning, Renovation, Scarification, Seeding, Slashing, Trimming, Turf Growth Regulation, Watering, Weed Control, Weeding

Payment Method

American Express, Bpay, Cash, Cheques, Diners Club, Direct Debit, Direct Deposit, EFT, Mastercard, Money Order, Visa

Hours of Operation

Flexible Hours, Open Monday - Friday, Open Saturdays


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Servicing Suburbs

  • Do you provide skilled workers for lawn cutting and garden maintenance in Tamworth?

    Yes, Mowcare will provide you with skilled, trained and even licensed professionals for your lawn cutting and garden maintenance needs anywhere in Tamworth. Clients need not worry about getting inferior services as Mowcare gives you top choice experts.

  • Why should a client choose Mowcare?

    Mowcare improves the lives of our customers and communities in Tamworth through our first-rate lawn cutting and garden maintenance services. We always strive for efficiency, hence, we increase the durability and longevity of our lawn cutting and garden maintenance products in Tamworth. Mowcare is also committed to protecting our environment.

  • How can a customer contact the excellent team of Mowcare?

    For all quality products and services concerning your lawn cutting and garden maintenance concerns in Tamworth, contact us directly on 0422 095 698. Get in touch with us now to experience top-notch lawn cutting and garden maintenance help.

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