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, Tamworth, NSW 2340

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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed Tamworth

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Trustworthy Wedding Planners Tamworth

Trustworthy Wedding Planners

Free Quote Tamworth Wedding Planners Tamworth

Free Quote Tamworth Wedding Planners

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About Us

  • Tamworth Party, Event and Wedding Planner

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  • Complete Tamworth Wedding Supplier

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Tamworth Party, Event and Wedding Planner

A1 Hire & Sales is the largest and most trusted wedding planner and event items supplier in Tamworth. We have outstanding wedding planners and event specialists in Tamworth who are able to share their expertise in providing you with your ideal event set up. Hiring an event or wedding planner from Tamworth A1 Hire & Sales will keep your event organised and well-planned of in terms of time and budget. We are no ordinary wedding planners, we are your friendly and caring staff in Tamworth who can help you turn your dream wedding in Tamworth a reality.

PASMA Approved Training Member

Hire the best event and wedding planner in Tamworth with A1 Hire & Sales!

Our Tamworth event and wedding planners care for every detail of your ideal wedding. We in Tamworth A1 Hire & Sales will work with you hand in hand in fulfilling your ultimate dream wedding or any of your events in Tamworth, providing you with everything you need with our Tamworth all inclusive Wedding Packages. Our best Tamworth wedding planners will help you achieve a worry-free wedding, providing everything from your ceremony requirements, to the reception program, right down to the finest details of decoration all in your favourite colours and styles.

Our Tamworth Event and Wedding Planners offers complete furniture and Equipment Hire in any of your Tamworth events and functions. Our furniture and equipment are available for hire in Tamworth, including Chairs, Tables, Dance Floors, Staging, Umbrellas, Partitions, Lighting, Sound, Catering, Cutlery, Crockery, Glassware, Linen, Coolrooms, Heating and Cooking Equipment.

We take pride in our wedding planners' world class designs and expertise in bringing out the best for all your events in Tamworth. May we invite you to see our contact details on this page and meet with our best Tamworth wedding planners. Our A1 Hire & Sales event and wedding planners have the most creative minds and can give you the best recommendations and advice to bring you closer to your dreams. Hiring our Tamworth wedding planners would be the best decision you can do for your wedding, as all A1 Hire & Sales wedding planners are expert in coordination and give very keen attention even to the smallest details.

Come and visit our office in Tamworth, and our wedding planners will help you through every step of choosing what is best, from choosing between Pavilion and Peg and Pole Marquees for your reception to deciding about Wedding Accessories, Flooring & Staging, Chairs, Tables & Linen, Cooking & Warming, and Catering--our event and wedding planners in Tamworth has it all for you!

Tamworth Wedding Planners
A1 Hire & Sales
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Products and Services


Alternative, Contemporary, Cultural, Interfaith, Medieval, Mixed Cultural, Personalised, Private, Simple, Traditional


Affirmations, Ceremonies, Commitments, Documentation, Reaffirmations, Catering, Wedding accessories, Wedding coordinator


Chairs, Cooking & Warming, Flooring & Staging, Marquee, Pavilion, Plant Hire, Tables & Linen


Balloons, Beach, Chapels, Function Centres, Gardens, Halls, Homes, Reception Centres, Restaurants, Rural, Sunset


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  • We are planning a wedding this year, how do I enquire with your Tamworth wedding planner regarding your event packages?

    In order to set up an appointment with one of our Tamworth wedding planners, you may visit our website, and click on the Weddings tab, or click on this link, enter your information on the info sheet and click send enquiry. We will contact you via email ASAP.

  • What is the difference between a Pavilion and Marquee?

    A Pavilion is a lot less traditional than a marquee but a lot more elegant to use and is a basic structure with no poles obstructing walking space. It is highly recommended by our Tamworth wedding planners. A Marquee has a traditional peg and pole style. Both are illustrated with beautiful pictures on our website under the Events tab.

  • Do you also offer Plant Hire?

    Yes, we are not only the best event and wedding planners but we also are a trusted Plant Hire specialist in Tamworth, providing you with complete equipment rental services for any kinds of party and event. For more details, visit

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