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Sydney, Sydney, NSW 2000

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About our Business

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XTech Electrical Sydney offers high quality, quick and affordable electrical services in Sydney. Our Sydney electricians cover the electrical services and solutions for Domestic, Commercial, Industrial and Construction customers across Sydney. Our team of experienced, professional and fully insured electricians are ready to serve 24/7. Our Sydney company prioritised services for clients with breakdown, power outages and equipment failure situations. Our customers can expect fast and reliable service from our electricians.

Local Electricians in Sydney

If you are looking for seasoned commercial, industrial and residential electricians in Sydney with years of wiring and circuitry repair experience, check out Xtech Electrical. They have been providing a wide range of electrical troubleshooting and installation services in NSW Sydney for several years. Their electricians in Sydney are available to fix damaged equipment and handle electrical breakdowns anytime for your utmost convenience. Our electricians can fix, install and maintain your electrical units even during weekends.

Commercial, Industrial & Industrial Electricians in Sydney

Scared of expensive rates and poor service? Xtech Electrical has been in the local electrical repair business for quite some time. Our previous commercial, industrial and residential clients can vouch for our affordable prices and superb customer service. We pride ourselves for having trained and friendly electricians who can fix simple to complex electrical issues within the fastest timeframe. Our electricians in Sydney can also be booked to check for possible repairs in your home. Have peace of mind knowing that all jobs are handled by professional electricians.

If you are having problems with your home or office airconditioners, we are also the right company to contact. With our extensive experience in servicing airconditioning units from different brands, our electricians in Sydney will bring back your equipment's topnotch running condition in no time. Forget inexperienced electricians in Sydney that might damage your expensive equipment.

Do you need a no obligation quote for trustworthy electricians? Are you having a hard time choosing the right electrical system of cooling equipment for your property? Contact us at 0420649824 to discuss all your home heating and cooling needs with our reliable electricians anytime. We also have a convenient booking option in our website to schedule a fuss-free service call. Our electricians in Sydney are available to work on all types heating and cooling units from different major brands. If you want quality services at affordable prices that are done by residential electricians, industrial electricians and commercial electricians, choose Xtech Electrical now.

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3 Phase Supply, Cabling, Connections, Data Cabling, Design, Drafting, Electrical Drawings, Fault Detection, Fibre Optic Terminating, Fire Protection, High Voltage Installation, High Voltage Maintenance, Inspections, Installation, MATV, Maintenance, Meter Installation, Networking, Overhead Work



Air Conditioning, Alarms, Boilers, Closed Circuit Television, Computers, Cookers, Cooking Equipment, Coolers, Data Points, Downlights, Dryers, Ducted Systems, Fans, Fire Alarms, Fittings, Floodlights, Fluorescent Lights, Freezers, Furnaces, Garage Doors, Garden Lighting, Gates, HMP, Hand Tools, Heat Pumps, Heaters, Hot Water Heaters, Intercoms, Internet Connections, Kilns, LAN, LED Lighting, Lamps, LIghting, Meter Boxes, MIcrowaves, Motion Detectors, Motors, Outdoor Lighting, Ovens, Overhead Mains, PABX, Phones

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You Asked Us

  • Do you have qualified industrial electricians on staff?

    Yes, we do have a team of residential, commercial and industrial electricians in Sydney for all types of electrical repair and installation jobs. We are also available to fix various HVAC systems from different appliance brands. If you also want your property to be checked for potential repair, we can accommodate that kind of request anytime. Schedule an appointment with us for a free consultation. We are more than happy to help you out with your concerns.

  • I am a small business owner. Do you have maintenance contracts that can help me save in the long run?

    We at Xtech Electrical have various maintenance contracts with our commercial and industrial clients. We can make a customized contract or package that works with your budget. Our electricians in Sydney can also make equipment or general maintenance recommendations that can help you save more in the future. Check out our website for all the services that we offer. You can also give us a call at 0420649824 for a no obligation estimate from our team.

  • I don't know what type of electrical equipment can work in my new home. Can your electricians help me out with that?

    Our friendly commercial, industrial and residential electricians in Sydney are available to make recommendations on what equipment would be the best for your property. As trained local electricians, they know how to make measurements, assessments and estimations on what is needed to make your business run more smoothly. Contact us anytime and we are glad to help you with anything electrical related. We are here for you 24/7. We are available even during weekends.

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