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Palmera Projects

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Palmera is a For Purpose Strathfield Aid Organisation

ABN: 54 135 781 118

57 Chalmers Road, Strathfield, NSW 2135

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Aid organisation Palmera is a Strathfield based that supports farmers and rural entrepreneurs. Palmera Strathfield aid organisation comes from the word Palmera tree, that that uses every part of itself to serve its community: the bark for fuel, the leaves for shelter and the fruit for food. Palmera tree inspired our Strathfield aid organisation because if we give ourselves completely imagine what we could achieve. International NGO's are certified and recognised for their strong governance and transparency by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT), of the Australian Government who runs the Strathfield aid organisation program. Our aid organisation are aiming to be the leading Strathfield group.

We Prove Every Project

As of today, about 50 aid organisations that have achieved this certification and tick of approval and Strathfield Palmera is proud to be one of these aid organisations. Our Strathfield aid organisation commitment to our strong systems, processes and commitment to transparency is one of our aid organisation mission. Abarna Raj is the CEO of Strathfield Palmera aid organisation who is a member of the Development Committee, a group of 8 members in Strathfield nominated by the International NGO community to oversee ACFID’s development policies, practices and agenda. Palmer aid organisation Strathfield is committed to providing clean water, healthcare, a good education for their kids, proper shelter and afford the basic rights that every human deserves.

Our aid organisation Strathfield are dedicated to helping 60 million primary aged children that are not in school. Strathfield Palmera aid organisation understands when incomes are increased families gain access to vital sanitation facilities that stop the spread of preventable diseases. Also, Palmera Strathfield aid organisation believes that increases in household income can influence the ability of Strathfield women to make decisions about household earnings by over 70%. This means women can make better decisions for themselves and their families’ future.

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Palmera Projects
0410 523 342 Strathfield

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  • What's in a name?

    Palmera Strathfield aid organisation is a tree that uses every part of itself to serve its community: the bark for fuel, the leaves for shelter and the fruit for food. It inspired us because if we give ourselves completely imagine what we could achieve.

  • What is your mission?

    Strathfield Palmera Projects exist to help create the world where no one is left out. We do this by supporting business solutions for rural entrepreneurs and strengthening the environments in which they live so families can stand on their own two feet. Call our aid organisation for more details

  • How to contact your aid organisation?

    To contact Palmera Projects, call us on 0410 523 342 or email us through Our Strathfield aid organisation team will be able to assist you. Call is for more information.

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