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Raymond Merhi Master Trainer

Raymond Merhi Master Trainer

Martial Arts Self Defence Schools - Stanmore, NSW 2048

It Is More Than Just Kicking and Martial Arts Punching in Stanmore

ABN: 36 499 421 590

26 Salisbury Road, Stanmore, NSW 2048

  • awards Dedicated Self-Defense Instructor
  • awards Expert and Reliable Stanmore Martial Arts
  • awards Mixed Martial Arts Professional and Master Trainer Stanmore
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Stanmore Taekwondo and Much More Stanmore

Stanmore Taekwondo and Much More

Stanmore Mixed Martial Arts Stanmore

Stanmore Mixed Martial Arts

Jiu Jitsu Stanmore

Jiu Jitsu

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Who we are

  • Jiu Jitsu

  • Children and Teens Life Lesson Training

  • Mixed Martial Arts Stanmore

  • Complete Martial Arts Lesson in Stanmore

Jiu Jitsu

Raymond Merhi Master Trainer is your training buddy to learn the martial arts of self-defense Stanmore, or to achieve fitness goals. Merhi offers full martial arts lectures to all ages in Stanmore. For children, Master Trainer, Merhi does not only focus on Stanmore picking and Punching but also incorporate life skill martial arts lessons for kids to achieve their black belts, same goes for adults. We are aiming to meet your needs and be your leading martial arts school in Stanmore. Our Stanmore team are committed and passionate in teaching our clients with the complete martial arts program. Our competitive rate will never compromise the quality of our work.

Expert and Reliable Stanmore Martial Arts

Our Stanmore mixed martial arts system combines great fitness workouts and a complete self-defense program. Our martial arts system in Stanmore will allow you to learn and build character and develop strength, focus, self-discipline and confidence. Each martial arts training in Stanmore is designed to keep you motivated.

Raymond Merhi Master Martial Arts Trainer guarantees:

- Fun and exciting classes
- Current skill and martial arts techniques training
- Designed martial arts teaching methods
- Dedicated instruction to keep you focused on your goals

Our Stanmore team specialise in all forms of Martial Arts training such as:

- Kickboxing Stanmore
- Jiu Jitsu martial arts
- Military martial arts Self Defence
- Stanmore Taekwondo and much more.

Our Stanmore martial arts classes aim to help you achieve your goals whether it's for fitness, self-defense, or sport. Raymond Merhi Master Trainer will coach you to get the best results. Call our hotline today and speak to our friendly Stanmore team for more details about martial arts.

Stanmore Martial Arts
Raymond Merhi Master Trainer
0431 233 577 Stanmore

Jiu Jitsu

Products and Services


Coaching, Competitions, Fighting Techniques, Fitness Training, Grading, Self Defence, Sparring, Training


Aikido, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Elbow, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Karate, Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Ultimate Fighting, Wrestling, Zen Do Kai


Advanced, Amateur, Beginner, Intermediate, International, National, Olympic, Professional

Catering to

Boys, Children, Families, Girls, Groups, Individuals, Men, Schools, Women


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Servicing Suburbs


  • Do you have a gym?

    Yes, we do. It is located at 26 Salisbury Road, Stanmore, NSW 2048. You can visit our gym or call Raymond Merhi Master Trainer on 0431 233 577 for a free quote. We offer competitive rates with our martial arts lesson.

  • Do you offer personal martial arts coaching?

    Yes, call our hotline and we will have it setup for you. Our Stanmore teams are an expert and professional martial arts trainer in Stanmore. We are well known for our expertise. Call us on 0431 233 577 for a free quote.

  • I am training for a competition, can you help me?

    Of course! Your success is our success too. We are committed to delivering quality workmanship to meet clients satisfaction. Call our expert Stanmore team for a free martial arts quote on 0431 233 577.

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