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The Crazy Scientist

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Educating Penrith Kids Through Fantastic Science Workshops

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About Us

  • Fanciful Science Educators in Penrith

  • Teaching Magical Science Workshops for Children of Penrith

  • Mentoring Science Workshops in Penrith Through Exciting Tactics

  • Incredible Party Packages, Programs and Boot Camps

  • Exciting Competitions Open to Eligible Children

Say goodbye to dull teaching instructions. Let The Crazy Scientist bring you to the world of science through mind-blowing programs and shows. We offer Penrith science workshops staged in a hilarious way. No more lifeless experiments or plain science lectures. Be taught as you enjoy the magical actions. Kids of Penrith will be amused while participating in our activities and science workshops.

Fanciful Science Educators in Penrith

Here in Penrith, experience the world of science where know-hows and science workshops are presented in the most dreamlike way. Engage in stimulating Penrith science workshops. Here in The Crazy Scientist, learning is not merely confined to books and plain instructions alone. Since learning, for the most part, can be repetitive and dull, we teach children with a twist. Studying science in Penrith through tricks and science workshops is full of adventure here at The Crazy Scientist. For 19 years of fun learning, we have been providing comprehensive science workshops in Penrith to all levels.

Registered Science Workshops Educator in Penrith

The Crazy Scientist offers a selection of science workshops in Penrith. We provide science programs all over Penrith such as vacation care science workshops, preschool programs, Bunnings and school fete science. Moreover, we can liven up every party by giving out the magical feels through the wonders of Penrith science workshops. You can choose among our 3 party levels depending on the length of your party, devices to be used, the number of kids participating and tricks or Penrith science workshops desired. Surely a particular party level will befit your budget without sacrificing the awe of science. Indeed, The Crazy Scientist will stage rare experiments and science workshops for the kids of Penrith.

Leading The Crazy Scientist team is a multi-skilled professional with a scientific name of Darin Carr. His 19 years of teaching expertise and scholarly experiences resulted in exceptional toys and devices. Together with his team of adept individuals, they make Penrith science workshops unique, engaging and highly informative. They all have formal training qualifications, hence, all science workshops in Penrith are guaranteed educational yet exciting.

Be amazed while learning. Let the kids of Penrith experience phenomenal science workshops. They may also join our Crazy Science Clubs for further learnings and fun. Also, an array of instructive videos, wacky experiments in Penrith and science workshops can be accessed through The Lab category on our website. To add, the Crazy Scientist also presents loads of fantastic shows and do enthusing boot camps. To take a glimpse of scientific pleasure, our gallery houses scores of crazy mementoes of our science workshops in Penrith. What is more, you will get updates on our recent Penrith science workshops, tricks, toys and so much more if you subscribe to our newsletter. Simply give us a call at 0406729470 for booking and inquiries.

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The Crazy Scientist
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Amazing Shows Penrith Science Workshops

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Q & A

  • Are all experiments safe?

    Yes, all experiments, tricks, inventions and Penrith science workshops are well-thought out and have been proven safe if performed accordingly. However, we still encourage close adult supervision to ensure safety.

  • How can we avail of your party packages, Penrith science workshops and programs?

    All our packages for Penrith parties, shows, science workshops, programs and boot camps are accessible through our website. The deals vary befitting one's budget. Simply call us or send an email for bookings to get that magical feel.

  • Aside from your services, do you also sell instructional packages?

    Yes. If it is not possible to hire our services, children of Penrith can still experience the wonders of science workshops by purchasing our training videos in HD. What is more, it comes with instructional support notes so that teachers and educators will easily get the hang of it.

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