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Elly's Shoe & Bag Service

Elly's Shoe & Bag Service

Shoe Repairs - Newtown, NSW 2042

The Shoe Repair Masters in Newtown

Newtown, Newtown, NSW 2042

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Shoe and Bag Service | Shoe Repair Newtown Newtown

Shoe and Bag Service | Shoe Repair Newtown

Keys and Watch Repair | Shoe Repair Newtown Newtown

Keys and Watch Repair | Shoe Repair Newtown

Contact us | Shoe Repair Newtown Newtown

Contact us | Shoe Repair Newtown

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About Us

  • Experienced Shoe Repair Craftsmen Newtown

  • Newtown Traditional Craftsman

  • Affordable Keys and Shoe Repairs Newtown

Experienced Shoe Repair Craftsmen Newtown

Elly's Shoe Repair Newtown is the go-to resource for discerning clients seeking the finest repair and care needs for their leather accessories for more than 50 years. We take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. Be inspired by the array of customised Newtown services we offer for all your leather care needs.

Professional Shoe Repair Services

We aim to supply the best shoe repair Newtown service and products available on the market to all our clients. Elly's Shoe Repair Newtown specialise in all types of shoe repairs Newtown and boot repairs - both men and ladies. Elly's Shoe Repair Newtown can carry out almost any shoe repair job Newtown you can think of from the smallest piece of stitching right up to a full long sole and re-welt. Any job - anytime!

Elly's Shoe Repair Newtown has the equipment and expertise to repair many different kinds of footwear problems. Some of the most common repairs and issues are listed here. If your problem isn’t listed, please Contact us for a personal quote.

- Shoe Repair Newtown
- Heels and Soles
- Rips and Holes
- Zippers & Velcro

Elly's Shoe Repair Newtown offers regular maintenance of your heels and soles not only extends the life of your shoes but also helps your balance and gait. Putting thin protective rubber soling over a new leather sole before it wears down will make it less slippery and last longer. Elly's Shoe Repair Newtown is able to repair any type of heel or sole, from traditionally made goodyear welts, modern composite materials, to specialty shoes.

Your favorite bag - no problem Elly's Shoe Repair Newtown can work on your new zip that can be inserted and any stitching that has come away easily repaired. Some of the more obscure jobs our workshop has dealt with are: clowns shoes, a sail, circus props, bowling shoes, Premier League players football boots. The list is endless, and the answer is yes we will try anything if we can fix it. All work is guaranteed and if you're not happy we will start the whole process over again until you are.

Newtown Shoe Repair
Elly's Shoe & Bag Service
+61 415 683 900 Newtown

Contact 0415 683 900 | Shoe Repair Newtown

Products and Services

Shoe Type

Ballet Shoes, Boots, Cricket Shoes, Dance Footwear, Designer Brands, Heels, Motorcycle Boots, Platforms, Riding Boots, Soles, Special Footwear, Sports


Cleats Replaced, Custom Made, Eyelets Replaced, Heel Repairs, Leather Treatments, Re-covering, Shoe Colouring, Shoe Restoration, Shoe Shine, Sole Repairs, Stitching, Stretching, Zipper Repairs

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Cork, Elastics, Leather,, PVC, Rubber, Suede


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Servicing Suburbs

  • Are you repairing Zippers & Velcro?

    If your zipper is broken or your Velcro doesn't stick anymore, let Elly's Shoe Repair Newtown take care of it. We take special pride in our sewing to ensure a professional result on all types of fasteners.

  • Are you doing shoe stretching?

    If your shoes are too tight, Elly's Shoe Repair Newtown has a variety of stretches to make a variety of both men's and women's shoes fit better and more comfortably.

  • How to contact us?

    You can contact Elly's Shoe Repair Newtown at +61 415 683 900 or message us in Facebook messenger @shoerepairsnewtown

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