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Sammy Taxidermy

Sammy Taxidermy

Taxidermist - Minto, NSW 2481

Your Talented Taxidermist in Minto

Minto, Minto, NSW 2481

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Inquire Now | Minto Taxidermist

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Taxidermy Services in Minto

Sammy Taxidermy Minto will cater to all your taxidermy needs and services. Our talented taxidermist in Minto will get the job done as soon as possible.

Fully Certified Taxidermist in Minto

If you are looking for a taxidermist in Minto, then Sammy Taxidermy is the right man for the job. He knows the art of preserving animal bodies and keeping them look natural like an alive animal.

Our Minto taxidermist on the job has extensive years of experience conducting research, services, and finding the best techniques to preserve animal bodies in various ways and process.

Sammy Taxidermy Minto has tons of specimens in stock that can be used for items to order, which will be subject to carcass availability. Our Minto taxidermist also accept work for your animals and birds, specialising in all kinds of pet work. Sammy Taxidermy has some of his works available for viewing in his gallery and in museums in Minto.

Once you get in touch with our taxidermist in Minto, give us enough time to specially prepare the items because we want them to be preserved well enough to last for decades. We accept custom orders as long as the stock permits.

Furthermore, our talented taxidermy service provider in Minto accepts repairs and restoration services for old pieces that needs to look new again. We always aim to provide more than what our Minto expects.

Sammy Taxidermy has all in stock specimens available for purchase at competitive rates but will definitely be budget friendly. Our Minto shop is ready for in site visit and orders.

Take note that we do not specifically kill animals for the sake of orders. Most specimens come from zoos and wildlife parks where animals die of natural causes. Taxidermy is here to help preserve their bodies for the future to see. Exotic animals are best kept as memorabilia to future generations in Minto.

Give us a call at our Minto office and a friendly taxidermist will be available for a chat. You may request for free quotations for various projects and ideas.

Minto Taxidermy
Sammy Taxidermy
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Inquire Now | Minto Taxidermist

Servicing Suburbs

  • What is the specialty of your taxidermist?

    Our Minto taxidermist specialise in all kinds of taxidermy services. We take care of those animal bodies so they are best kept and restored like a live animal. We cater to commercial and private clients.

  • Where do you get your exotic animals?

    Our taxidermist gets stocks from zoos and wildlife parks. We do not kill animals in the process of this work. All animals we have in stock die of natural process in Minto.

  • How much do you charge for your services?

    Our friendly taxidermist in Minto only charges competitive prices for our products and services. You may request for our certain animal pieces and we will check if we can have them for you.

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