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Cause for Paws

Dog Training Schools - Mascot, NSW 2020

Love Your Dogs More with Mascot Cause for Paws Dog Trainers

24/330 King Street, Mascot, NSW 2020

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About Us

  • Mascot Personal Dog Trainers

  • Mascot Health & Behaviour Dog Trainers

  • Puppy Classes and Pre-School

  • Dog Rehabilitation

  • Dog Psychology

  • Dog Obedience Training

Mascot Personal Dog Trainers

Cause For Paws has a team of passionate dog trainers in Mascot to train and educate dogs and dog owners based on the most updated scientific evidence and researchers in dog training used in our dog training school for years. Our training programs utilised by our professional dog trainers in Mascot provide training methods acquired over years of study and experience with dogs.

MSC-Animal Science and Behavior

Providing one on one home dog training by our dog trainers, Cause For Paws dog trainers have developed a more personal, effective and devoted training program for dogs than when in other dog training schools in Mascot. Our dog trainers in Mascot establish ways on how to make your dogs obey, respect and bond with you through our one on one home dog trainings which do not only educate dogs with appropriate mannerisms but also educate dog owners in Mascot the effective ways to get dogs to respond. Learn and provide your pets' needs with tips and information utilised in dog training, dog obedience, puppy preschool and dog behaviour problems used and developed by expert dog trainers in our dog training school at Mascot dog trainers provide all matters of dog training and dog behaviour management services developed by our own dog training school for dog owners. When it comes to chewing, pulling on the lead, not coming when called, social issues, jumping, aggressive behaviour, crotch sniffing, excessive barking, a crossing of limit areas, and wreaking havoc on the family environment, Cause for Paws has a team of expert dog trainers in Mascot who can help with those kind of problems you have with your dogs in Mascot. Our dog trainers in Mascot are here to teach you how to gain your dog's respect so they will display their best behaviour to you. Our dog trainers aim to provide you with the best customer service experience in Mascot.

For consultation and further information of our dog training school and the programs in Mascot that our dog trainers have in store for you, you may contact our dog trainers on 0447 376 764 or visit our website where you can find the schedule of our upcoming seminar and events in Mascot conducted by our Mascot professional dog trainers. So what are you waiting for? Get the expert dog trainers now!

Mascot Dog Trainers
Cause For Paws
0447 376 764 Mascot

Qualified Dog Trainer Mascot Dog Trainer

Products and Services


Dog Socialisation, Dog Walking, Handler Courses, Off Leash Training, Problem Solving, Puppy School, Puppy Training

Dog Type

Adolescent Dogs, Difficult Dogs, Guard Dogs, Guide Dogs, Hunting Dogs, Large Breeds, Pets, Police Dogs, Racing Dogs, Show Dogs, Sniffer Dogs, Small Breeds


Aggression, Barking, Behaviour, Domination, Escaping, Jumping, Obedience, Wandering

Class Type

Advanced Training, Basic Obedience, Dog Agility


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Servicing Suburbs

  • What are the services you offer?

    At Cause for Paws, we have professional Mascot dog trainers who provide Dog Training, Puppy Class, Dog Rehabilitation, and Dog Psychology. We help pets who need professional guidance so they will be showing their appreciation to you for the rest of their lives!

  • Do you have any upcoming seminars or events?

    Yes, our Mascot dog trainers can guide you through upcoming seminars and events for Dog Obedience and Dog Training techniques wherein we will teach you how dogs learn and how to understand your dogs' needs, their choices and how to gain your dogs respect so they will display their best behaviour to you. More information will be advertised on our website closer to the event date. Tickets can be purchased directly from our STORE page.

  • How do I get in touch with your dog trainers in Mascot?

    For consultation and further information of our dog training school and the programs we offer in Mascot, you may contact our dog trainers on 0404 488 455 and we are always ready to assist you.

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