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Maitland Basketball Association

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10 Bent St, Maitland, NSW 2320

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About Us

  • Basketball Club in Maitland which Supports the Aussie Hoops Program

  • Mustang Stable Maitland Basketball Club Program

  • Coaching and Training Services

  • Host Competitions and Sports Clinics

  • Offers Learn to Play Lessons

Basketball Club in Maitland which Supports the Aussie Hoops Program

Maitland Basketball Association is an established basketball club in Maitland. We have dedicated years to providing the community with a Maitland basketball club geared towards making the sport accessible and available for the average enthusiasts. As a dedicated provider of coaching and training sessions for our Maitland basketball club members, we aspire to train and develop future athletes and experts of the sports.

Maitland Competitive Basketball Club

As a highly decorated basketball club in Maitland, Maitland Basketball Association has produced several capable athletes in the field of competitive sports. Located at The Federation Centre which is Maitland's largest and most decorated multi-purpose indoor sports facility in Maitland our basketball club can boast both being aesthetically pleasing while being functional at the same time. Our Maitland basketball club has since made The Federation Centre our nerve centre, becoming the home of the mighty Maitland Mustangs.  

Since 2000, the Maitland Basketball Association as a Maitland basketball club has been fortunate to be able to host several events which it could only have dreamt about when it started. The list includes NSW Country Junior Basketball Championships, NSW State League Senior Finals Weekend, the most prestigious weekend on the NSW Basketball calendar, and Under 14 Women's Australian Club Championships. In addition, our Maitland basketball club has also hosted several non-basketball related events such as netball and volleyball competitions, karate, Australian Indoor Tug-O-War Championships, and baton twirling championships. As a member of our basketball club in Maitland, you'll be assured that we have activities for you to develop your skill in playing basketball. 

Aside from sports competitions the Maitland Basketball Association Maitland basketball club has also played host to Training weekends for several of our NSW Representative teams in order to develop and further enhance our member's playing capabilities. Additionally, our basketball club in Maitland also provides Learn-to-Play Classes and Miniball Competitions for infants and primary school students and various competitions for different divisions and levels. If you are looking for a good basketball club in Maitland which can help you develop your skills and competency in playing the sport, then Maitland Basketball Association is the Maitland basketball club for you.

If you wish to learn more about what the Maitland Basketball Association basketball club in Maitland and what we can do for you? Then don't hesitate to give our Maitland basketball club a call, our friendly and accommodating support team will be more than happy to answer your concerns, questions, and general inquiries. 

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Maitland Basketball Association
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  • What programs does your Maitland basketball club have?

    Our basketball club in Maitland currently offers three core programs which are Maitland Mustangs Stable which is skill development sessions for junior players, Aussie Hoops is Basketball Australia’s official junior game development program, and Holiday Camp programs which are a great chance to try something new, have fun with new friends, all in a safe and friendly environment.

  • What Do I need to do to get more Information about your Maitland basketball club?

    As a Maitland basketball club, we are very transparent about what we do and how we run things at our basketball club. As of now, you can get necessary information using our website which has access to files, information, and up-to-date news and announcements. If you are unable to get the information you want, you can contact our basketball club in Maitland using our support line so that our support representatives will be able to provide you with the information. 

  • How do I contact your basketball club in Maitland, If I request a certain information?

    We can be reached using the number (02) 4934-3503, just make sure to call us during our normal business hours. Additionally, you can also contact our Maitland basketball club thru email using, which will allow you get in touch with our operations manager.

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